How to grow Water Wisteria / Water Sprite in aquarium or pond?

It is easy to grow Water Wisteria, & aquarists often grow this plant in their aquarium or pond due to its beauty & low requirements. Water Wisteria ideally needs moderate to bright lights but even it can cultivate if brightness is low. If sunlight can indirectly reach your fish tank, then tank lights are not required. However, do not keep your aquarium in direct sunlight as it can cause abrupt growth of algae in your tank.

How to grow Water Wisteria / Water Sprite in pond?
How to grow Water Wisteria / Water Sprite in pond?

Water Wisteria will absorb CO2 released by fish, & fish poop & other detritus will fertilize this plant.

Water Wisteria needs warm temperature for faster growth. Water Wisteria can grow when it floats over the water or when its roots are buried in the substrate.

Other common names of Water Wisteria are Hygrophila difformis, & Water Sprite.

How to grow Water Wisteria in a fish tank or pond?

How to propagate Water Wisteria from stem?
How to propagate Water Wisteria from stem?

I added this plant to a netted pot. Then I slowly added substrate to the pot to protect this plant from receiving damage. Ensure that the plant stem & roots do not receive damage, & the plant is installed in the middle of the pot before adding substrate to the pot. It is recommended to select a big pot as this plant can get 50 cm tall & it has a fast growth rate.

Adding Water Wisteria to the pond
Adding Water Wisteria to the pond

It is recommended to wash the substrate to remove the debris. Then put the pot holding the plant at the aquarium or pond bed, fully immersed in water. Gently add water to the pond. Turn on the filter & have fun.


Floating Water Wisteria:

Water Wisteria can float over the water surface. Water Wisteria will grow roots that can anchor in the substrate or the plant can freely float over the water.

Just place Water Wisteria over the surface of water, & it will float & produce roots.

If Water Wisteria is kept in bright lights or if sunlight hits the plant, it will grow faster.

The roots of the floating plant will extract nutrients from the water like chemical impurities released from fish poop & other detritus. There is no need to add extra nutrients if you have fish in your aquarium or pond.


Water Wisteria Carpet Effect:

Lay your Water Wisteria stems on their sides. Do not lay the stems vertically or it will grow taller, & will not create carpet.

Partly bury the stems in the substrate but not its leaves. It will produce a carpeted effect. It is recommended to bury multiple stems for the perfect carpeting look. It is recommended to prune Water Wisteria plants on a regular basis to get the best carpet appearance.

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