Do Shrimp eat poop, algae & debris? How to setup a no filter aquarium?

People think that none of the fish eats debris. Many experts think that no fish including Pleco Catfish & Bristlenose actually eat poop, as they are only algae eaters. Pleco Catfish is a large fish that produces heaps of waste. They actually convert algae into poop. Therefore, many experts think that the best cleaner fish is actually the human that runs the aquarium. I believed the same until I bought many Ghost Shrimps from a fish store with a discount, & they changed my mind. I have never read anywhere that Ghost Shrimps eat poop but saw them eating large poop of a medium sized Pleco. I could see the black poop inside the belly of the Shrimp. I was initially using sand in my aquarium bed but when I introduced a few Pleco Catfish in my tank, I would see heaps of poops in the sand that looked terrible. Therefore, I removed sand & added gravels so that the poops are not visible. Pleco Catfish is like a machine that converts algae into poop. Plecos are good at eating algae but they produce heaps of waste. When I saw clear gravel, I replaced gravel with sand. I did not siphon my sand for around half a year & still could not see any debris. Before adding Shrimps, I used to siphon my sand every week; however, Shrimps saved heaps of my time that otherwise would be wasted in maintenance. Nearly half a year without siphon, my sand looks crystal clear.

Can Shrimp replace aquarium filter?
Can Shrimp replace aquarium filter?

Plecostomus Catfish do not eat fish poop. They are algae eaters. So, if you want to get rid of poop, then buy Shrimp. If you have many Shrimp & heaps of aquatic plants, then there is no need to add a filter. Shrimps eat the waste, & plants absorb the toxic chemicals including ammonia, nitrites & nitrates. Shrimps will simply clean the tank, & save your time & effort. Shrimp eat uneaten food that settles down at the bottom of the tank, aquatic plants, fish poop, & other decaying organic matter that would otherwise rot & release ammonia. Therefore, Shrimp can replace a filter.


My story will help many beginners or those who have no time for aquarium maintenance. My advice is to buy several Shrimp as they will breed & multiply. I do not offer any food to Shrimps as I have a planted aquarium. My Ghost Shrimps eat plants, poop & algae.

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