Fluval BioMax Bio Rings Aquarium Filter Media Review: Is Fluval BioMax the Best Bio Media in the Market?

Fluval biomax is a very popular filter media used by many aquarists. In fact, Fluval biomax is one of the top filter media for fresh & saltwater aquariums. Fluval Biomax offers a balanced, healthy environment for aquarium fish because of its higher efficiency of removal of toxic waste. Fluval biomax can wipe out every toxic impurity released from organic waste. It can remove ammonia, nitrite & nitrate, leaving clear water.

Biological filter media houses good bacteria for the removal of toxic chemicals. Biological media provides the space where good bacteria colonize in abundance.

The porous surface of the bio media is ideal for the colonization of beneficial bacteria offering the ideal living place for fish.

Fluval BioMax Aquarium Filter Media Review
Fluval BioMax Aquarium Filter Media Review

Biomax is created from silica and aluminium oxide that forms a porous biological ring. The internal porous surface provides a room for the colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Water flowing through the porous surface breaks down ammonia into nitrites and nitrates. Biological media is used for offering a balanced place for fish and other aquarium inhabitants.

A hole in the middle of the bio ring allows water to flow through the biological media to ensure a higher contact time with water for the removal of dangerous chemicals.

Manufacturer’s recommend replacing some of the Fluval biomax media every six months.

The ring shape structure of Fluval biomax allows more water to pass through its centre, increasing the contact time of the organic waste with the beneficial bacteria. Fluval biomax can be added to a majority of aquarium filters. Do not allow the rings to dry out or it will lose all of the good bacteria and the rings may crumble.

The porous surface of Fluval biomax allows numerous BB to spread over its surface as compared to the smooth surface biological media. The pores lock debris that not only cleanse water, but also remove the organic waste, including the reduction of nitrates.

Denitrification lowers the chances of abrupt growth of algae, and helps the corals and invertebrates. Ceramic media are very efficient for marine tanks.

Fluval biomax rings can be installed in many different types of filters including SUMP, hang on back filters, etc. Bio rings are one of the best choices for a majority of aquariums.


Advantages of Fluval Biomax Bio Media:

  • Put Fluval Biomax in the canister filter as loose bio media.
  • Bio rings provide higher surface area than most of the other biological media.
  • Put bio rings in a filter bag to easily maintain them.
  • Fluval Biomax is sold for a low price.
  • Bio rings offer room for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for the removal of every organic impurity.
  • Fluval biomax is one of the top biological media for freshwater and marine aquariums.


Disadvantages of Fluval Biomax Bio Media:

One of the disadvantages of bio rings is that they need replacement. Manufacturer’s have recommended replacing this media every six months; nevertheless, the effectiveness of the media is lowered before that. Replacing partial media will provide heaps of surface area. My recommendation is to start replacing some of the media after three months.


Is Fluval BioMax the Best Bio Media in the Market?

Customers think that Seachem Matrix is the best bio media.  Both Seachem Matrix and Fluval Biomax offer similar features, but Seachem has better reviews, and they are made of fine quality.

One of the best advantages of Matrix is that it provides heaps of surface area. If bio media provides lots of surface area, then it does not require fast replacement, thus saving your money.

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