How to setup a planted fish tank for Corydoras Catfish? Do Cory Catfish need an aquarium heater & filter?

Hobbyists have started purchasing Corydoras Catfish for a long time due to their quality of cleaning the aquarium bottom. More than 170 Cory Catfish are available, & over 100 species have not received scientific names. Cory Catfish are from the Callichthyidae family.

How to setup a planted aquarium for Cory Catfish?
How to setup a planted aquarium for Cory Catfish?

How to setup a Planted Aquarium for Corydoras Catfish?

Cory Catfish needs a 30-gallon fish tank for staying happy and healthy. Do not introduce Cory Catfish to new fish tanks. Cory Catfish love to congregate in groups so open space is required for them near the front of the aquarium. Add decorations or shed for hiding. Add sand or fine gravel with rounded edges. Do not introduce jagged materials that could hurt their barbels as they search the bottom of the tank.

Corydoras Catfish can be kept with other peaceful fish in community tanks. Cory, Brochis & Aspidoras love to swim together. If you want to keep them happy, & encourage them to shoal together, then I would recommend you to buy at least five or more fish. Corydoras will sometimes rise towards the water surface for breathing, which is normal. Nevertheless, if you see them gasping at the water surface constantly, then it indicates bad water quality or low oxygen in the water.

Corydoras Catfish loves an aquarium with heaps of aquatic plants. Plants offer cover & hiding spots for the fish. Cory Catfish can find a shelter in the plants, & deposit their adhesive eggs among the plants. In addition, it is important to add rocks & ornaments that offer places to discover.


Do Cory Catfish need an aquarium filter?

Cory Catfish has an important role of cleaning the aquarium substrate. Rooting around in the gravels, Corydoras Catfish look for algae & leftover food that would otherwise rot & contaminate the water. This is the reason why Corydoras are so popular for cleaning the aquarium. If you are keeping Cory Catfish, then a filter is not necessary. You can keep aquatic plants for better cleaning as they wipe out toxins released from organic waste such as fish poop, & other detritus. Maintenance of the tank is important such as changing 10% water every week or 25% every 2 weeks using a siphon vacuum cleaner for cleaning the substrate. Add water conditioner before adding water to your fish tank. Clean water is necessary for keeping Cory Catfish healthy.


Do Cory Catfish need an aquarium heater?

The ideal temperature range for Cory Catfish is b/w 74 to 80 °F. If tank temperature is lower than 74 °F, then it is recommended to install a heater in their tank.


Are Cory Catfish difficult to breed in aquariums?

Cory Catfish are difficult to breed in captivity. Cory Catfish deposits eggs, & they lay their adhesive eggs among plants, & on the tank glass. To encourage them to breed, it is recommended to drop the aquarium temperature. For dropping tank temperature, you can do partial water changes with little cooler water.

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