How long does aquarium or pond filter media last? When to replace mechanical, biological and chemical filtration media?

Filters play an important role in aquariums because they remove fish poop, remaining food, tannins, and other dirt that will otherwise foul water. Filter media are installed inside filters, & they are responsible for removing physical & chemical impurities. Filter media is divided into three types: mechanical, biological & chemical. Mechanical & biological filter media are mandatory in aquarium filters, while chemical filter media is optional.

Mechanical filter media consists of foams & sponges for trapping solid impurities.

Biological filter media consists of bio media that provides surface for the growth of colonies of good bacteria. Good bacteria spreads over the surface of bio media, & they are responsible for wiping out the toxins released from fish waste, leftover food and other debris.

Chemical filter media consists of activated carbon, ammonia media pads and phosphate pads. They are required for removing tannins, medications or odd smells from the water.

How to setup the order of filter media in aquarium filter?
How to setup the order of filter media in aquarium filter?

Aquarists setup their filter media in the following order: Mechanical filter media à Biological filter media.

Water containing debris flows through the foams or sponges where the impurities are trapped. Water containing chemical toxins flows through the bio media, where useful bacteria wipes out chemical toxins, & free water flows out of the filter.


How long does fish tank filter media last?

Aquarium filter media are reusable & non-reusable. Reusable media including coarse sponges, bio rings, & purigen can work for many years but aquarists need to clean them regularly for extending its life otherwise their efficiency will be reduced. Fine poly pads need disposal when their colour changes to brown & water cannot simply pass through them. If you want to know the lifetime of chemical filtration media including activated carbon, ammonia media pads & phosphate pads, then it is recommended to check its cleaning efficiency. If your aquarium water contains tannins or odd smells, & your chemical filtration media cannot wipe them out, then it needs replacement. If your aquarium water contains ammonia & surplus phosphate, & your ammonia media pads & phosphate pads can no longer remove them, then your chemical media pads need replacement.

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