What is the best and cheapest bio media for aquarium and pond filters?

The best & the cheapest bio media remains a debate on my aquarium forums and blogs. Experts say that bio media offering large surface area at the cheapest price is the best. Some experts say that the best bio media should efficiently clean every toxin in the water including nitrates. While finding the best bio media at the lowest price, I discovered pot scrubbers.

What is the cheapest bio media for fish tank filter?
What is the cheapest bio media for a fish tank filter?

Pot scrubbers are one of the best bio media for pond filters. Pond filters are large & hold heaps of bio media. Pot scrubbers are available at extremely low cost & you can fill large baskets of pond filters at a reasonable price. Pot scrubbers have been used as pond filters in the past. They are very efficient at cleaning heaps of toxic chemicals produced by big pond fishes. Many pond owners have used pot scrubbers & they have claimed that this media is the best. Pot scrubbers are non-toxic & some experts claim they have used them for many years without proper maintenance. One of the experts said that he used pot scrubbers in one of his big canister filters for over six month without maintenance. When he opened the filter, he found that the scrubbers were in excellent condition, & the inside of the filter was not dirty. He gently washed pot scrubbers with tank water & put them back inside. For a large canister filter, he used more than a hundred scrubbies. He showed his heavily stocked tank in a video & it looked clear.

Another expert claimed that he has been using pot scrubbers in his filter for more than 15 years, & the scrubbies still look in good condition. They are effective in cleaning & are not broken apart.

I have read many Forum posts & aquarium blogs related to Pot scrubbers, & experts did not hesitate to say that Pot scrubbies are the best bio media at the cheapest price.

Pot scrubbers provide heaps of surface area for the growth of colonies of beneficial bacteria. They are developed from extremely fine material that trap all the detritus and only allow clean water to flow through the media. Pot scrubbers keep the aquarium cycled and clean water even if they are setup in a heavily stocked fish tank or pond.

You will not experience any bacteria bloom in your aquarium or pond water after setting up pot scrubbers in your filter. There won’t be any cloudiness and your pond water will remain pure without requiring regular maintenance.

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