Comparison of Aquarium Filter Bio Media: Seachem Matrix VS Pot Scrubbers: Which Bio Media is Better and Why?

Every aquarium needs a filter for wiping out fish waste and all the other impurities that could make your fish sick and ultimately kill them. A filter has 2 important roles. The first role of the filter is to trap solid impurities that will otherwise rot and leach out ammonia. Its second important role is to wipe out toxins released from the detritus. The toxins are ammonia that can pass through the pores of the mechanical filter media. In order to trap the soluble impurities, biological media is required. Bio media provides a surface for useful bacteria to grow in abundance. For removal of organic waste, the contaminated water should react with the good bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to setup filtration media in the following order inside the filter: mechanical media à bio media. Mechanical media will trap all the detritus using foams / sponges. Bio media will wipe out the soluble impurities that can pass through the mechanical media therefore, clean water will be allowed to flow back to the aquarium.

Pot Scrubbers VS Seachem Matrix
Comparison of Bio Media: Pot Scrubbers VS Seachem Matrix

Many diverse kinds of biological media are available in the market. Nevertheless, I have made comparison of only two media: Seachem Matrix VS Pot Scrubbers. Have a look at every similar & different features of each of the two media in this article.

Pot Scrubbers do not deteriorate and break apart over time. Their pores do not clog simply and if it does, you can simply wash them, so it can be reused after many washing. Aquarists had success using pot scrubbers for over 15 years, and it still seemed in good condition. Unlike Seachem Matrix, scrubbies do not require regular maintenance. However, the effectiveness of the Matrix is lowered overtime if not properly maintained. Matrix requires regular cleaning, as the holes of the media will be clogged and the surface area of the media will be reduced if not maintained properly. Clean your Matrix with tank water, if its efficiency is reduced to wipe out all the gunk it has accumulated inside its pores. Matrix does not seem to offer lots of surface area; nevertheless, matrix has numerous micro pores over its surface that let heaps of beneficial bacteria develop inside these pores. Matrix lets aerobic bacteria develop over its surface that remove ammonia & nitrites. The denitrifying bacteria developed inside the pores of the Matrix is used for removing nitrates. Nevertheless, pot scrubbers can just remove ammonia and nitrites, leaving behind nitrates. If you want to get high surface area at a reasonable price, I would recommend you to get pot scrubbies. However, if you are interested in wiping out nitrates, then my recommendation is to use the expensive Seachem Matrix.

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