Comparison of Aquarium Filter Media: Pot Scrubbers VS Bio Balls: Which Bio Media is Better and Why?

Without efficient filtration, your fish will become sick or die in contaminated water. Therefore, biological filtration is the most important of all filtration. For bio filtration, we need bio media. Bio Media have an important role in wiping out organic waste released from fish waste, and other detritus. Many different types of bio media are available in the market, and each one of them has different pros and cons. However, in this post we have compared two similar bio media with each other: Bio Balls VS Pot Scrubbers.

Filter Media Comparison: Pot Scrubbers VS Bio Balls
Aquarium Filter Media Comparison: Pot Scrubbers VS Bio Balls

Pot Scrubbers are highly effective as compared to Bio Balls as the latter are costly and do not offer as much surface area as the former. For cleaning your aquarium, there is no need to buy media that cost over hundreds of dollars. In addition, there is no need to regularly replace the media. Hence, the best choice to save money, time and effort during maintenance is to use Pot Scrubbies. Pot Scrubbers can fit inside many aquarium filters including HOB, canister etc.

Pot scrubbers are quite similar to bio balls. Bio balls are not as expensive as Ceramic rings and Seachem Matrix. Similar to Pot scrubbers, bio balls do not need replacement so when it has accumulated dirt, you can easily wash them with tank water to remove the entire gunk. Bio balls usually have a sponge inside its ball. The surface of the ball is designed so that it offers lots of surface area. However, pot scrubbers offer more surface area than bio balls. Both bio balls and pot scrubbers do not break apart and deteriorate over time; hence, they can be used for a lifetime. The efficiency of both bio media do not reduce over time, and when it is reduced, it is time to rinse the media. Pot scrubbers are inexpensive as compared to bio balls, and offer better efficiency than bio balls. Pot scrubbers can work in large heavily stocked aquariums and ponds at a reasonable price. Both Scrubbers and Bio balls have the same role. However, Pot scrubbers are inexpensive, and offer more surface area than bio balls.

Both pot scrubbers and bio balls can only wipe out ammonia and nitrites, leaving behind nitrates. For removal of nitrates, either add live plants or replace partial water regularly. Alternatively, consider adding expensive bio media such as Ceramic rings or Seachem Matrix that can efficiently remove nitrates.

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