Setting Up a Nano (Mini) Filter for Small Aquarium:

Most of the nano aquarium are equipped with some sort of filtration which could either be internal or external. In my case, nano tank came with a nano aquarium filter that can be setup on the inside of the aquarium. Filter is a heart of all types of aquarium, it house beneficial bacteria that are important for the well being of the fish and keeps the water clean. In this article, i will discuss how i have setup my nano aquarium filter and connected it to the DIY CO2 system for my nano planted aquarium.

Nano tank filter provides proper oxygenation for pure water & a clean environment inside aquarium. Output flow of water is adjustable which allows water to flow gently & evenly, & this way little fish can swim with no disturbance.

Nano filter can provide mechanical, chemical & biological filtration in a little tank.

This filter works best & fish keepers use them in tanks that inhabit delicate fish or shrimp.

Foam in nano filter can offer both mechanical & biological filtration.

Fine foam is used to remove waste, while bio foam offers the perfect surface for growing good bacteria. Colonies of good bacteria grow on the surface of foam & it breaks down toxic ammonia released from fish waste into nitrites & nitrites into nitrates that are less toxic & can be removed with regular water changes.

Active carbon inside this filter provides extra filtering option to wipe out odors & other chemicals present in the water.

It is easy to assemble / disassemble this filter for fast & simple installation & maintenance.

This filter has suction cups that can be used for proper attachment to the glass.

In video below you will learn how to setup a nano aquarium filter:

How to setup a nano aquarium filter

Nano Aquarium Filter Setup:

This mini internal aquarium filter provides two types of filtration. Mechanical filtration is provided by a combination of a coarse foam and a fine foam. Water from the aquarium comes into contact with coarse foam first and then moves through the fine foam for further mechanical filtration.

After passing through mechanical filter media, water then comes into contact with a small cartridge containing activated carbon, which acts as a chemical filter media. After completing its purpose as chemical filter media, activated carbon will also work as a biological filter media by housing heaps of beneficial bacteria. Settings can be changed at any time and different type of filter media can be used that address aquarium needs.

Nano aquarium filter setup is complete and it is attached to the inside of the aquarium. Now it is time to connect filter to the the CO2 system which i have built and discussed in detail in my previous article. 

Connecting CO2 To Aquarium Filter:

CO2 generated by home made CO2 diffuser enters the aquarium through the air stone, which then bubbles out in the tank. I have then used this air stone and slide it inside the mini aquarium filter. CO2 is pushed through the aquarium water through the force of filter and bubble size is greatly minimized to ensure most of the CO2 is absorbed by aquarium water.

Apart from helping with CO2 absorption, this filter will circulate aquarium water. Aquarium filter will also absorb ammonia till aquatic plants are fully established as Amazonia soil will increase the water acidity. Once a natural ecosystem is established inside this planted nano tank then keeping a nano filter would no longer be a requirement.

CO2 system can be removed from the aquarium once plants are established and a natural ecosystem is maintained in the aquarium. I hope you have found this article informative. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you like the content on this blog and Youtube channel then your subscription would be highly appreciated.

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