How to Sell Aquarium Plants to Fish Store or Online for Profit?

It is not simple to care & maintain aquarium plants, but once your fish tank has flourished, & your aquarium plants turn out to be overgrown, then it is time to trim plants. The question is what are you going to do with your surplus plants (trimming)? Are you going to sell them to earn money? However, it is important to know that selling aquarium plants needs time & commitment. Some aquarists just want to earn a little profit to support their hobby while others are looking forward to making continuous profit through online business. Let us consider two approaches that will address the above level of commitment.

How to Sell Aquatic Plants to Fish Store or Online for Profit?
How to Sell Aquatic Plants to Fish Store or Online for Profit?

Simple: Sell aquatic plants to fish stores:

If your aquarium has overgrown plants, & you are looking forward to getting rid of the trimmed plants, then the best choice is to sell them to a fish store. Stores accept trimmed plants but there is some problem, as stores do not like buying plants from the aquarists that bring plants in a big bag or bucket containing many trimmed plants, & it needs effort for separating plants, counting them, cutting them to the correct length, & throwing away the plants covered in algae.

The fish stores usually accept plants from wholesalers as they can get whatever they want from a list & plants are packed in a box. If you are looking to compete with the wholesaler, then it is important to offer your fish store a better presentation of your aquatic plants that is less time consuming for them.

Pre-package your cuttings in groups of 4 to 5 stems that are 5 to 6 inches in length. As plants die fast in groups, fish stores usually purchase them at a cheap price. If you wish to sell plants at a high profit, then it needs more hard work, as plants should be placed in pots of rock wool with half inch of space b/w every stem. It saves stems from getting rot, & helps them start developing roots that allow customers to grow them with higher success rate.

It is important to ask fish stores what plants they are looking for. Some plants are very common that fish stores sell a lot because they are beautiful & need simple care so most of the hobbyists order them. Offering plants that fish store need or plants that fish store sell a lot will increase chances of selling.

Start Aquarium Plants Business & Sell Stem Plants to Earn Money
Start Aquarium Plants Business & Sell Stem Plants to Earn Money

Hard: Sell aquatic plants online:

If stores do not accept plants from you, then it is important to start selling your plants online. This way you can get rid of all of your stocked plants as there are more purchasers over the internet than store customers but you might make less profit as many other hobbyists & traders are also looking to sell their plants.

It is not easy to sell plants online as compared to selling plants to the fish store because the latter gives managers the responsibility of managing customer interactions. However, selling plants online will put you in the role of a salesperson. The first step is to build a reputation by offering attractive descriptions of your plants, beautiful plant pictures, as well as providing shipping costs & guaranteeing live arrivals. It is important to build credibility with customer support. If things go wrong, then it is recommended to answer queries on the type of lights you are using, why plants are not doing fine, & how to offer a refund to the customers.

Offer healthy plants to build reputation among your customers. If plants are healthy, already have roots, they are without algae or you are offering other pros to the customers that make you better than your competitors, then you will certainly build a good reputation that will help you sell your future plants & become successful sellers.

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