Do Long Fin White Cloud Mountain Minnows need light, filter and heater in their aquarium?

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are small beautiful freshwater fish recommended for novices. They have extremely low requirements because they are coldwater species. Minnows do not have any special needs & can even survive in a bowl with no filter, heater or light. If you want to setup an ideal aquarium for White Cloud Minnows, we recommend adding a filter & light. Minnows do not need a heater.

How to setup a fish bowl for Long Fin White Cloud?

A Light is not required for Long Fin White Cloud Aquarium:

Although it is not required to add a light in White Cloud Mountain Minnows aquarium, installing an aquarium light has its advantages. Though Minnows can live without any light, there are reasons for illuminating the tank. One of the benefits is that a light will show the beautiful colours of your Minnows. In addition, it is important to help the Minnows differentiate b/w day & night. Therefore, light is necessary for breeding Minnows as they spawn at first light.

You can watch your whole aquarium with a tank light. Without an aquarium light, your tank will look like an unattractive dull glass container because you will not be able to clearly see your fish, plants or ornaments.

Do White Cloud need aquarium light, heater and filter?
Do White Cloud need an aquarium light, heater and filter?

A Filter is required for Long Fin White Cloud Aquarium:

Although White Cloud Minnows are beginners friendly, as they can live in any environment, & they do not have any special requirements but they also need clean water. A filter is important to wipe out detritus from the aquarium for cleaning water. It controls toxic chemicals including ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. A filter is required for removing algae depending on the type of filter you have. It is used for oxygenating water by breaking down the surface area of water. Water moved by the filter will create turbulence, which will provide a natural habitat for fish inside their tanks. The turbulence created by the filter is useful for fish exercise because fish will try to move against the water flow.


A Heater is not required in Long Fin White Cloud Aquarium:

White Cloud Mountain Minnows do not require a heater as they can survive in cold water. Minnows are recommended for novices because they are strong especially against cold. They can easily live in small fish tanks. Minnows do not consume their eggs & fries, so fries can live with their parents in the same tank.

Despite being a coldwater species, Minnows’ ideal temperature range is 57°F to 72°F. They do not require a heater. Nevertheless, they need a chiller in the summer.

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