Do Tiger Barbs need Aquarium Lights, Heater and Filter?

Tiger Barbs are sometimes afraid of lights and they hide when you turn on aquarium lights. They are at times not active in light & they prefer swimming in the dark.

Do Tiger Barbs need Aquarium Lights, Heater & Filter?
Do Tiger Barbs need Aquarium Lights, Heater & Filter?

Tiger Barbs normally prefer low to medium aquarium lights. If you have other fish in the same tank or if you are keeping aquatic plants, then you can buy lights based on their requirements. However, for Tiger Barbs a built-in hood light works fine. Keeping tank lights will help the plants, & other fish if you have in the aquarium. Otherwise, if your aquarium is placed in an open space with sufficient natural light, then your Tiger Barbs do not need any tank light. If you want to see the bright stripes & beautiful colours of your Barbs, then consider adding a tank light.

Tiger Barbs prefer temperature between 72 to 82 °F so if your aquarium water is cooler than this range, then your Barbs need a heater. Cold water will stress your Barbs.

Tiger Barbs love swimming in schools. Hence, it is always a good idea to start with a large number of Tiger Barbs (at least 12) in a large aquarium so they have enough swimming space. Tiger Barbs need a place for hiding to relieve their stress. So, it is recommended to keep aquatic plants & decorations in their aquarium. When your Tiger Barbs are afraid, they will hide behind the plants or ornaments.

A filter is recommended in Tiger Barbs aquarium. Although they are hardy, they need clean water. Filter is required for wiping out the organic waste. I would recommend keeping a powerful filter if you are setting up a community tank for Tiger Barbs where they will live with the same species and other peaceful fish. A powerful filter will efficiently clean up heaps of mess produced by large numbers of fish. Fill the filter baskets with heaps of mechanical & biological media for high cleaning efficiency. It is important to clean the filter media to ensure that your filter is running with best efficiency. For cleaning the filter, it is recommended to use aquarium water. Otherwise, tap water will kill all the good bacteria accumulated over the filter media that are responsible for biological cleaning of water.

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