Are Tiger Barbs afraid of aquarium lights? How to help Barbs come out of hiding & swim in the light?

Tiger Barbs usually hide & are not active in tank lights. Tiger Barbs are skittish when aquarium lights are turned on, & they may hide behind an aquatic plant or decoration. If lights are turned off, they may be happy & active. 

Are Tiger Barbs afraid of aquarium light. How to solve?
Are Tiger Barbs afraid of aquarium light? How to solve?

My Tiger Barbs were active and they would swim when the lights were off. As soon as I turned on the lights, my 2 Tiger Barbs would soon disappear. Therefore, I added 10 more Tiger Barbs as I thought that Tiger Barbs prefer tank mates & they would love to swim in school when more barbs are introduced. However, this did not solve my problem as they were still hiding in a bright aquarium. I searched the internet, & someone suggested I turn on the room light first, before turning on aquarium lights as tank lights suddenly brighten the tank. Later, I used to turn on all of my room lights before turning on aquarium lights, & I noticed that Tiger Barbs were not skittish. However, still my Barbs did not enjoy the lights & I even noticed that they are happier during the night & hiding during the day. They used to shoal in schools during night, & were happier & active when I was not around, as they loved a quiet room.

When surfing the internet, I read a suggestion of setting up the aquarium in an open space so that Tiger Barbs can enjoy the natural light. Instead, I used to turn on all of my room lights to clearly see my Tiger Barbs & the whole aquarium. This solved my problem. However, I wanted to see the bright colours of my fish via aquarium light, so I searched even more to find a better solution.

My Tiger Barbs were shy & afraid of people. According to an expert suggestion, I shifted my Tiger Barbs to a bigger aquarium. My previous aquarium was only 10 gallons so I moved them to a bigger aquarium that was 3 feet wide with heaps of surface plants that would provide shade when room lights were on. Floating plants decrease the strength of lights, & decorations & submerged plants help Tiger Barbs feel home. I started feeding them when my lights were turned on so they are more confident. My Tiger Barbs liked their new aquarium, & they started to become more active & loved to swim in schools but still they preferred to hide beneath the floating plants & they liked the shadow of surface plants. My Tiger Barbs would swim in school, however, they still looked a bit stressed. I removed LED lights that were brighter & used only a built-in hood light that further solved my problem. 

How to help Tiger Barbs stop fearing aquarium lights: Best Solution:

Finally, I added Rasboras to my aquarium, & my Barbs came out from hiding & started playing in the open. They liked the company of their new mates. My Rasboras were active & social in lights, & they did not fear people that calmed down my Tiger Barbs. My Tiger Barbs started learning from Rasboras. Now, my Tiger Barbs enjoy tank lights, & do not fear me. They swim in schools during the day.

I keep my light on for 8 to 10 hours a day as I have floating & submerged plants in my aquarium.

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