Comparison of Biohome Ultimate VS Eheim Substrat Pro Filter Bio Media:

For the removal of toxins from the aquarium water, aquarists use bio media. The toxins are released from organic substances such as fish poop, uneaten food, dead plant matter & other detritus. Aquarists use many different types of bio media. However, in this post we have compared two of the most popular bio media in the market.

I can fill all available space in my filter with Eheim Substrat Pro because of its small size. Eheim Substrat Pro is an excellent product at a reasonable price. Other clunky bio media fits less in my canister filter. Eheim Substrat Pro fully fills my canister filter basket thus creating heaps of surface area for the colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Biohome Ultimate filter media offers the best surface for the establishment of beneficial bacteria. It is easy to setup this media. You can simply wash Biohome. It carries both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria for the removal of ammonia, nitrites & nitrates.

Biohome Ultimate VS Eheim Substrat Pro Filter Bio Media
Biohome Ultimate VS Eheim Substrat Pro Filter Bio Media

Nitrifying / Denitrifying Bacteria:

Nitrifying bacteria develops over the surface of the bio media that wipes out ammonia and nitrites. While denitrifying bacteria develops inside the tiny little pores where oxygen is not available, and it wipes out nitrates. Biohome Ultimate removes ammonia, nitrites & nitrates but Eheim Substrat Pro can only wipe out ammonia & nitrites from the water.


Trace Elements:

Biohome Ultimate consists of trace elements for quickly building up beneficial bacteria. It is absorbent & because of its structure, it offers a very large contact surface (inside & outside) where colonies of beneficial bacteria can build up.

Beneficial bacteria spreads over the surface of Biohome Ultimate & inside its pores very fast. Usually it takes 14 to 21 days for aerobic bacteria to develop & 4 to 6 months for anaerobic bacteria to grow. Using trace elements in Biohome Ultimate, the building up of good bacteria is very fast. You can recover Biohome Ultimate quickly eg. after the use of medicine & you can simply transfer them to other filter systems.


Filtration Performance:

Biohome Ultimate is available per 1 kg, which is equivalent to about 1.25 litres.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use about 1 kg for every 100 litres of water for a fish tank with normal no. of inhabitants. A heavily stocked fish tank may need about 1.5 to 2 kg for every 100 litres of water for optimal performance.

Eheim Substrat Pro is efficient in removal of ammonia & nitrites in fish tanks with normal no. of fish.



It is recommended to wash biological media as overtime the holes of the media are filled with detritus. If the holes of the bio media are clogged, then the good bacteria living on these surfaces will die.

It is crucial to clean biological media when doing water changes. You can easily take out the bio media & clean them with fish tank water to wipe out debris.

Both Biohome Ultimate & Eheim Substrat Pro require cleaning.


Water Chemistry:

Both Biohome Ultimate & Eheim Substrat Pro do not change the water PH or do not leach out anything in the water.



Eheim Substrat Pro is not as costly as Biohome Ultimate media.


Life Span:

BioHome bio media breaks down over time while Eheim Substrat Pro will never break down. I have not used Bio Home media but have used Eheim Substrat Pro, which is several years old but still working like a charm, & I have not noticed any break down. Every few months, I replace some of the bio media with some cleaned media.

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