Do Plecostomus need an aquarium filter, heater, aerator (air pump & air stone) or lights?

Plecostomus are famous for eating algae. These fish look rough so many aquarists think that they can survive in harsh water conditions but this is not true. Plecos also need clean warm water. However, Plecos need low care that is why they are recommended for beginners.

Do Plecostomus need aquarium filter, heater, bubbler or lights?
Do Plecostomus need an aquarium filter, heater, bubbler or lights?

Do Plecostomus need a filter?

A filter is required for an aquarium to wipe out toxins & maintain pristine water. Plecos are famous for wiping out algae from aquariums so many new aquarists think that they clean water so they do not need a filter. However, Plecostomus require a filter for cleaning fish tank water because they are very messy and make heaps of poops. Although Plecostomus eat algae but they make heaps of poop so, a filter is necessary in their tank even if you are keeping one Plecostomus.

Plecostomus are one of the largest waste producers among all freshwater tank fish. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep their aquarium clean without adding a filter.

If you do not want to add a filter, then it is recommended to change partial water on a daily basis. If your tank water is dirty, then Plecostomus looks pale that indicates discomfort.


Do Plecostomus need an aquarium heater?

Yes, Plecos require a tank heater. They need warm water in b/w 23° C and 26.5° C. Cold water will discomfort your fish, & make them prone to many diseases. Fluctuations of water temperature will stress your Plecos, therefore you should consider adding a heater with a thermostat that automatically turns off when the required temperature is achieved, & turns on when water temperature drops.


Do Plecostomus need an oxygenator (air pump and air stone)?

Plecostomus can survive for up to thirty hours outside water if they store heaps of oxygen. This is the reason why they are sometimes seen gulping air at the surface of water.

If you have heaps of aquatic plants in your tank, then they will absorb CO2 & produce enough oxygen. However, bubbler has a benefit over aquatic plants as they can circulate oxygen. If you have a filter in your Plecos aquarium, then there is no need for an aerator because the filter can oxygenate & circulate water.


Do Plecostomus need aquarium lights?

Plecostomus do not need aquarium lights because your room lights are enough. If you are keeping aquatic plants, then it is recommended to add lights based on the requirements of plants.

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