Do Catfish need an aquarium heater, bubbler, filter or lights?

Catfish are usually kept in ponds, & in the wild, they live in streams & rivers. Therefore, new Catfish owners might think that they can thrive in harsh conditions. However, this is not true because Catfish also need clean warm tank water for survival.

How to setup an aquarium for Catfish?
How to setup an aquarium for Catfish?

Do Catfish need a tank heater?

Catfish require a heater because they need temperature in b/w 74 to 81 °F. Without a heater, your Catfish will be stressed. With higher stress, your fish might become sick & eventually die.


Do Catfish need a bubbler?

Every fish needs some type of water disturbance that causes surface agitation for removal of carbon dioxide & addition of oxygen in the water. You can use a bubbler but a filter is another great option as it causes high disturbance in the water as well as it cleans gunk & toxic compounds released from waste.

Cory Catfish requires an aerator for keeping water clean. This fish is able to swim up to the surface of water & breathe oxygen directly from the air but an aerator will add consistent oxygen. Lower oxygen levels can stress your Catfish, & make it prone to diseases & infections. In addition, Cory Catfish likes bubbles & they play with them.


Do Catfish need a tank filter?

For Pictus Catfish, a filter is mandatory. It will clean your aquarium & remove every physical & chemical impurity. Catfish are usually kept in large ponds & their wild home is much larger than the small tank, therefore, they need a filter in their aquarium.

Cory Catfish need water movement because they love to swim against water flow. Their natural habitat usually has fast water current. They like fast water flow for a healthy & happy life. Fast water movement helps this fish in breeding. In their natural habitat, the water flows faster after heavy rainfalls.


Do Catfish need an aquarium light?

Dim lights are best for Catfish. Ideally, they like many aquatic plants as well as caves for hiding. They are shy fish, & they usually hide in bright tank lights. Their activity level increases when lights are turned off. My Catfish swims in the whole aquarium during night when the room lights are turned on.

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