Do Cardinal Tetras need an aquarium heater, filter, aerator or lights? How to setup a fish tank for Cardinal Tetras?

Many fish keepers start with beginners’ fish. Cardinal Tetra is one of the popular fish for fresh aquarists because they are strong & small that make them fit for small aquariums. Aquarists prefer to provide the best habitat for fish inside their aquarium at a reasonable price. In this post, you will learn about offering a good environment for Tetras in a limited budget. 

How to setup a fish tank for Cardinal Tetras?
How to setup a fish tank for Cardinal Tetras?

Do Cardinal Tetras need an aquarium heater?

Yes, Cardinal Tetras should be ideally kept b/w 75 to 80 °F so they need a heater in their aquarium. If tank water is cooler, then your Cardinal Tetras will be stressed that will make them prone to many illnesses & infections.


Do Cardinal Tetras need an aquarium filter?

If you are an experienced fish keeper, then your Cardinal Tetras do not need a filter. It is very important to setup a heavily planted aquarium for Cardinal Tetras so plants consume the toxic chemicals released from their waste. Aquatic plants oxygenate water. Frequently replace aquarium water with fresh water to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. However, if you are a new or intermediate aquarist, then my recommendation is to use an aquarium filter that will save your maintenance time & keep things in control. A filter cleans water, & removes chemical compounds as heaps of good bacteria grows over the filter media. It also oxygenates water, & expel CO2 due to surface disturbance. If you are frequently changing water, then a filter or aerator is not mandatory. My advice is to siphon the substrate when removing water to get rid of the gunk stuck in the aquarium bed. Siphoning will also remove dead plant leaves & waste that will release dangerous chemicals if not removed on time.


Do Cardinal Tetras need a bubbler or an air stone?

Tetras do not ideally need a bubbler because they can thrive in low oxygen. If you have a filter, then there is no need to add an aerator. However, if you have aquatic plants, & you plan to change water on a weekly basis, then you can still skip an aerator or air stone.

If you want to keep Cardinal Tetras in ideal condition, then you can consider adding an aerator because it removes Dead Spots with disturbance of the water, & adds atmospheric oxygen.


Do Cardinal Tetras need water current?

Majority of Tetras like water movement because in their wild habitat they experience water current. However, they prefer mild & steady water movement. Fast water movement will stress your Tetras, & they will be prone to diseases & infections.


Do Cardinal Tetras need aquarium lights?

Similar to other Tropical species, Cardinal Tetras need aquarium lights from 12 to 14 hours on a daily basis. Lights determine when your fish should sleep, & when to search for food & play in the aquarium.

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