Do Rainbow Shark fish need an aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights? How to setup a fish tank for Rainbow Shark?

When planning to setup a tank for fish, aquarists usually try to achieve the ideal conditions needed by the fish. Rainbow Shark is a nice addition to the fish tank because it looks very similar to shark but it is available in a very miniature form. Rainbow Shark is a freshwater fish & it needs equipment for proper care. In this post, you will learn which aquarium equipment is mandatory for Rainbow Shark.

How to setup an aquarium for Rainbow Shark?
How to setup an aquarium for Rainbow Shark?

Do Rainbow Sharks need an aquarium heater?

Rainbow sharks need water temperature between 72 to 79 °F. For heating water, a heater is required. I recommend setting up a heater with a thermostat that automatically turns off when desired temperature is achieved, & it avoids overheating water. When the temperature drops, the heater automatically turns on & starts heating water.


Do Rainbow Sharks need an aquarium filter or bubbler?

Rainbow Sharks like fast water movement because in their wild habitat, the water flow is very fast. Therefore, you should avoid a filter operated by an air pump as well as do not keep an external filter for your Rainbow Shark aquarium because both of them cannot produce enough water current. My recommendation is to use a horizontal powerhead filter because it produces strong currents in the water. A filter adds oxygen in the water, & circulates water to avoid dead spots. The main purpose of the addition of a filter is that it will clean water by removing physical & chemical impurities. Bubbler is not needed in Rainbow Shark aquarium because it cannot produce adequate water current.

Rainbow Sharks are bottom dwellers & they like to stay in the bottom of the aquarium. They are scavengers & eat the uneaten food, as well as algae. Therefore, they clean water by consuming food that will otherwise rot & release ammonia. Rainbow Sharks also eat algae that will otherwise build up & cause problems for aquarium inhabitants & plants.


Do Rainbow Sharks need tank lights?

Rainbow Sharks do not require any special aquarium lights. My recommendation is to add LED lights in their tank because they are cheap & have low running costs. You can program these lights to offer moon light during night, & bright light during day. If you are keeping aquatic plants in Rainbow Sharks aquarium, then you should setup your tank lights based on their requirements.

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