Do African Cichlids need an aquarium heater, aerator, filter or lights?

Many aquarists want to setup a proper tank for keeping their fish happy & healthy. African Cichlids are one of the popular freshwater species, & they need care. Be prepared for a challenge, as African Cichlids need pristine water quality. Other than that, they do not need any special equipment.

Do African Cichlids need an aquarium heater, filter or lights?
Do Cichlidae (African Cichlids) need an aquarium heater, filter or lights?

Do African Cichlids need a tank heater?

You need to study the temperature range for your African Cichlids. Tropical fish require a warm temperature b/w 78 to 82 °F. Therefore, it is recommended to install a heater in your fish tank that offers a 5-watt power for every gallon of water. A big fish tank requires a heater at each end.


Do African Cichlids need an aerator or air stone?

If your aquarium already has a filter for creating water current, an aerator is not required. If you want to create some water current, then you can adjust the filter flow for causing water movement. As well as the filter will provide surface disturbance that will release CO2 from the water & add oxygen.


Do African Cichlids need a filter?

African Cichlids need pristine water therefore, a filter is mandatory for their tank. African Cichlids require very clean water therefore; aquarists need to setup a well-filtered aquarium for them.


Do African Cichlids need water movement?

African Cichlids like water movement but too much water current will stress your fish. Surface disturbance is very important because it adds oxygen & expels CO2. African Cichlids benefit from water movement because they like swimming against the water current, which is a good exercise for fish. My suggestion is to add a filter that has an adjustable flow rate, & search google about the water movement required for your specific African Cichlid. You can also setup the water flow of the filter, & then monitor your fish performance. If water pushes them away, & your fish look in stress, then you can lower the water current.


Do African Cichlids need a tank light?

African Cichlids do not need an aquarium light, & your room lights are adequate for them. A light will help the fish find food. However, if you want to see the bright colours of your fish, then a tank light will be required.

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