Do Rainbow fish need an aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights? How to setup a fish tank for Rainbowfish?

Rainbow fish are tropical freshwater fish. The males show different colours that is the reason why they are called Rainbow fish.

How to setup an aquarium or pond for Rainbowfish?
How to setup an aquarium or pond for Rainbowfish?

Below you can watch how to setup a pond for River Murray Rainbow fish:

How to setup a pond for River Murray Rainbowfish?

Do Rainbow fish need an aquarium heater?

If your fish tank temperature is lower than 74° F, then it is recommended to add a heater. A heater with a thermostat will keep a fixed water temperature because fluctuations in temperature will stress your fish.

Do Rainbow fish need an aquarium filter?

It is recommended to do weekly water changes of 10% or change 25% water every 2 weeks. Use a siphon gravel vacuum to remove the gunk stuck in the substrate that would otherwise foul water.

Big rainbow fish require a filter because a filter not only cleans water but also oxygenates & circulates oxygen in the whole aquarium. Setup an internal or external power filter in your adult Rainbow fish aquarium. For smaller Rainbow fish, you can setup an air powered sponge filter or a small internal filter.


Do Rainbow fish need a bubbler?

A bubbler is not required in your Rainbow fish aquarium if you have a filter for oxygenating & circulating water. A filter can perform multiple functions because it can cause gas exchange at the surface of water that expels CO2 & adds oxygen. A filter circulates water because it causes water current so it uniformly distributes oxygen throughout the aquarium. Aquarists keep live plants in the aquarium because they clean the toxic chemicals released from fish waste & add oxygen. However, aquatic plants cannot distribute oxygen in the aquarium. The tank needs regular maintenance in the absence of an aquatic filter therefore for easy maintenance, it is very important to add a filter. A filter will produce heaps of oxygen, & the current from the filter outlet will distribute oxygen uniformly in the whole aquarium. Fish love to play in the water current because swimming against the water flow is an excellent exercise for fish.


Do Rainbow fish need aquarium lights?

Tank Lights will bring out the best colours in your Rainbow fish. Rainbow fish have different colours, & adding a bright LED light will help the observer see the bright colours of your fish.

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