How to Unbox and Setup a Double Bio Sponge Filter for Aquarium:

Many fish shops will tell you to buy classic sponge filters because they can help you in multiple ways. New sponge filters are more efficient than old, & they are offering double sponges & bio media in a single filter. Double sponges are very efficient in cleaning & they also include compartments for storing biological media.

This tutorial is about setting up an aquarium double sponge filter that is able to hold bio media. I want to setup this filter for my guppy aquarium. This aquarium has heaps of guppies & I need a powerful filter that is able to clean the waste both mechanically & biologically. That’s why I have chosen a double bio sponge filter which does not suck little guppy fries. Many aquarists use sponge filters because they are safe for fish fries plus, they offer strong biological filtration. Sponges offer large surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Also, they are efficient in trapping waste particles in the sponges. Today I have discovered a new type of sponge filter that can hold bio media too. This sponge filter has double sponges that allow heaps of useful bacteria to grow on them, also water free of waste particles flows through the bio media that offer more surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Two sponges are better than one because they will clean water efficiently & will need less maintenance. After two or three weeks, it is recommended to clean a single sponge. While cleaning a sponge, you will lose an abundance of good bacteria so cleaning one sponge will make sure that you still have enough useful bacteria growing on the other sponge.

Have a look at the video below which shows how to unbox, assemble & install a double bio sponge filter in a fish tank.

How to setup a double bio sponge filter

How to unbox & setup a double bio sponge filter:

I have assembled a double bio sponge filter in my aquarium that is able to carry out both mechanical & biological filtration. Bio media will wipe out lots of ammonia byproducts that are released from fish waste, leftover food & other debris. Mechanical filter media will trap the solid particles & bio media will take care of the toxic chemicals released from waste particles.

It is very important to choose a sponge filter that meets your fish tank size, & the number & kind of inhabitants you are keeping. Some fish make lots of poop because they are fussy eaters. So, make sure your filter can clean the fish waste efficiently & I would suggest you to select a sponge filter that is stronger than your tank requirements because you may increase the number of fish later on or introduce messy fish. Also, your fish may breed & their numbers can multiply. Setup your sponge filter next to a fish tank heater so that it warms your water evenly.

How to setup a double bio sponge filter?
How to setup a double bio sponge filter?

Unbox the double bio sponge filter & add the telescopic tube which can slide for increasing the filter height. It is easy to setup a double bio sponge filter. It is twice efficient in cleaning than an ordinary sponge filter. Attach the double bio sponge filter to the tank glass using suction cups. They have empty compartments for holding biological media. It is easy to connect compartments to the sponge filter. Remove the strainer (pipe containing many holes), & slide in the bio media compartment so that clean water can flow through the biological media. It is easy to take out the sponge during maintenance. Connect the strainer that is used for sucking the tank water, slide the sponges & connect the air tube. Connect the other end of the air tube to the air pump.

2 sponges are used for efficient cleaning of aquarium water. Water then moves through the biological media available in compartments, & clean water rises upward through the telescopic pipe. Bio media compartments are round & it is difficult to fill them up with your preferred bio media. I have used some ceramic rings at the bottom of the compartments & topped them up with ceramic balls that helped me in filling the free space in the compartments.


How does a sponge filter work?

After turning on the air pump, air bubbles rise up in the lift tube & break the surface that oxygenates water. This creates a strong suction & draws water towards the sponge. Sponge removes fish waste & other debris from the dirty water. They allow water free of solid particles to flow through the bio media chamber. Clean water moves out of the bio media chamber. Hence sponge filters will clean your aquarium water.


Advantages & disadvantages of a double bio sponge filter:

A sponge filter has lots of holes that allows water to flow through it but traps fish waste & other debris. However, some sponge filters that use coarse sponge may not be very efficient in mechanical cleaning because very tiny particles can flow through the sponge. Fine sponges can even trap minute particles. Quality of sponge is better, & coarse sponge do not clog easily as compared to fine sponge.

Bio sponge filters are used for biological filtration. Even a normal sponge filter can perform both mechanical & biological filtration. Addition of bio media will consume more ammonia byproducts & will help in efficient cleaning. Most of the fish dies due to lack of biological filtration so more bio media could save the life of fish. Double bio sponge filters are recommended for aquariums having many fish because they are able to decrease the levels of ammonia byproducts in the water.

Sponge filters do not need high maintenance but many aquarists do not like their look. Usually, aquarists use plants or decorations in front of the sponge filters for hiding it. Also, aquarists may not like the bubbling voice of air bubbles coming from the sponge filter. You can reduce the noise by attaching an air stone to the air tube.


How to clean a double bio sponge filter:

Biological media do not need cleaning so leave them in the compartments. Do not clean bio media unless it is dirty because you will lose heaps of useful bacteria. Rinse your bio media gently in water so that you do not lose most of the useful bacteria. Do not let bio media air dry because beneficial bacteria can only survive inside water. Place them back in the water immediately after cleaning.

How to wash a double bio sponge filter?
How to wash a double bio sponge filter?

Cleaning a double sponge filter is easy. Also, a double sponge filter lets you clean only one sponge at a time. Take out the dirty sponge gently. Your tank water will become cloudy when taking it out. Do not worry because water will clear up when you operate the filter for some time. The best time to clean your filter is during partial water change. Fill a bucket with fish tank water & clean your sponge in the water. If your sponge is very dirty then use 2 buckets of water. Gently squeeze the sponge in the bucket water & it will release yucky water. Clean till your sponge stops releasing murky water. If it is too dirty then clean the sponge in the first bucket till the water of the bucket becomes dirty. Then start squeezing the sponge in the second bucket & when your sponge stops releasing yucky water then immediately stop cleaning. Put it back as soon as possible & do not let it air dry because good bacteria can’t survive outside water. Start your double sponge filter immediately.

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