Are Lava Rocks good for freshwater / saltwater aquariums or ponds?

When molten lava cools down, they become very porous, & they are called lava rocks. Due to the porous nature of lava rocks, they offer heaps of surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Hence, lava rocks are very efficient in removing harmful chemicals released from fish poop, uneaten food, & other detritus. Lava rocks are one of the most efficient bio media when it comes to filtration. They are relatively cheap, & more effective in filtration as compared to Ceramic Rings. Lava rocks are safe for freshwater / saltwater aquariums & ponds. Many aquarists use lava rocks for decorating their fish tanks.

Are Lava Rocks good for aquariums or ponds?
Are Lava Rocks good for aquariums or ponds?

Lava rocks can efficiently clean your aquarium or pond water:

Due to the porous nature of lava rocks, they are very effective in filtering your fish tank or pond water. They provide heaps of surface area for the growth of useful bacteria. Useful bacteria is used for breaking down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. Nitrates are not as harmful as nitrites, & nitrites are less harmful than ammonia. Fish can live with nitrates in the water but higher levels of nitrates are still dangerous for the life of fish.


Lava rocks can even consume nitrates:

When water sips in the lava rocks via the little pores on the surface of the rocks that allow denitrifying bacteria to grow inside the lava rocks by sucking oxygen & producing an aerobic environment. Aerobic environment is responsible for producing denitrifying bacteria that grows in oxygen free places, & it absorbs nitrates to produce oxygen & nitrogen gas.


Lava rocks are used as effective bio media:

If you do not want to spend lots of wealth on the bio media, then you can use lava rocks, which is a very low cost & effective substitute. A big bag of lava rocks might cost only 5 bucks.


Lava rocks are used as substrate:

Lava rocks can be used as substrates because they hold heaps of useful bacteria, & the best place to keep this media is inside your filter.


Lava rocks are used for planted aquariums:

Crushed lava rocks will provide a quality substrate for your aquarium along with offering an aerobic environment for the growth of useful bacteria.

Due to the inert nature of the rocks, they will rarely alter your water parameters. They are one of the best options for planted fish tanks because they offer high water movement. Lava rocks are available at lower cost than other substrates.

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