Pros & cons (benefits) of Hang on Back (HOB) fish tank filters:

For cleaning aquarium water, a filter is mandatory because it collects fish poop, remaining food & other detritus, & cleanses all the germs that would otherwise stress your fish & eventually kill them.

HOB filter sets on the back glass of your fish tank so it is not visible. This filter is set outside aquarium water.

The hang on back filters require low maintenance. HOB filters work best for small to medium size fish tanks.

An inlet hose is used for delivering water from the fish tank to the filter. A sponge is used for trapping fish poop & other detritus inside the mechanical filtration chamber, & water free of physical impurities pass through the biological filter media. Useful bacteria growing on the surface of bio media react with the impurities & allow clean water to flow back to the fish tank.

Water is sent back to the fish tank via a free fall method that creates disturbance on the surface of the water to wipe out CO2 & add oxygen.

Pros and cons of Hang on Back (HOB) filters
Pros and cons of Hang on Back (HOB) filters

Pros of Hang on Back (HOB) fish tank filters:

Check out the benefits of Hang on Back (HOB) filters:

  1. Hang on Back filters require lower maintenance because these filters are setup outside aquariums. There is no need to put your arm in water to take out this filter for cleaning.
  2. HOB filters are setup at the back of the aquarium so they are not visible to eyes.
  3. Hang on Back filters are available for low cost.
  4. It requires easy installation.
  5. It comes with a warranty.
  6. The replacement of filtration media is easy. Some of the filters need high customization.
  7. Some of these filters usually offer lots of space for storing filtration media.
  8. They are very comfortable.
  9. The adjustment of water flow will not blow away your fish, & it will circulate water.
  10. HOB filters hold all three types of filtration media: mechanical, biological & chemical.


Cons of Hang on Back (HOB) fish tank filters:

Check out the benefits of Hang on Back (HOB) filters:

  1. Inlet hose of the HOB filter is usually thick and can suck small fish. Many aquarists usually add a sponge filter to the intake valve to stop small fish from entering it. However, adding a sponge filter reduces the water flow through the filter that affects its performance.
  2. Hang on Back filters are usually small so they do not offer lots of space for holding filtration media.
  3. Size of the HOB baskets are smaller than the canister filters.
  4. If your aquarium has many fish, then HOB filters will require heavy maintenance.
  5. Aquarists do not like the sound of the waterfall. For reducing the sound of free fall, it is recommended to raise the level of the water.
  6. Some of the HOB filters have both inlet & outlet hoses very close to each other. Therefore, its cleaning efficiency is reduced as it sucks heaps of clear water coming back to the fish tank from the HOB filter output.
  7. HOB filters are not as powerful as canister filters.
  8. It causes heaps of evaporation because water coming back from the filter hits air, so it is recommended to add water frequently.
  9. HOB filters are located at the back of the fish tank so aquarists cannot place a lid on the tank, which is risky for the fish because they can jump out.

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