Is Styrofoam aquarium or pond safe, & what are its benefits?

Styrofoam is aquarium & pond safe, & many aquarists have been using them in fish tanks or ponds without any issues.

Benefits of Styrofoam for aquarium or pond
Benefits of Styrofoam for aquarium or pond

Benefits of Styrofoam for aquariums & ponds?

Aquarists use Styrofoam for their outdoor ponds in cold areas where temperature drops below zero degree. They provide greater protection to the fish, & covering your entire pond with Styrofoam will save your fish from extreme cold or hot. Covering the top of the pond with Styrofoam will save your fish from the hot Sun.

Creating a 3D fish background using Styrofoam pieces looks awesome. It is used for hiding aquarium stuff including filters, heaters etc. that does not look pleasing to eyes. It can be used to provide a beautiful natural environment for your fish such as you can use it to make caves & tunnels.

Structures made by Styrofoam look nice & in addition, Styrofoam can be used for insulation of ponds. Outdoor ponds face greater threat from harsh weather, & aquarists often use Styrofoam to cover their ponds as they retain the inside temperature, & do not allow water to quickly change its temperature.

Many fish keepers love Styrofoam & they mould it to make different structures for aquariums. The structures created by Styrofoam offer hiding spots for the fish. Fish love to hide when they feel danger. This calms the fish & they keep hiding until they feel that the danger is gone. If fish live in stress, then they might get sick & die. Lots of hiding spots will allow fish fries to hide from the predator fish. In the wild, small fish use plants & caves, etc. to hide from large predator fish.

For shipping fish, sellers keep them in bags, & then put bags inside Styrofoam to keep temperature steady when delivering fish. Styrofoam is inexpensive & it is available as a sheet & box. Styrofoam boxes do not have gaps from where heat / cold can escape so they are very efficient in keeping a stable temperature.



Many aquarists want to know if Styrofoam is aquarium or pond safe. The answer is Yes, Styrofoam is used for both fish tank & pond projects.

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