Is Spray / Expanding (Handi Polyurethane) foam safe for aquarium fish?

Many aquarium owners use expanding foam as an inexpensive & simple way to create 3D fish tank backgrounds, like the spray insulation foam. However, these foams are only available in dull yellowish colour & could be dangerous for the life of fish & other inhabitants.

Is Handi Polyurethane foam safe for aquarium use?
Is Handi Polyurethane foam safe for aquarium use?

Handi Polyurethane foam is an expanding foam that is commonly used for making landscapes for koi ponds. It has a black colour & it is not dangerous for aquarium fish. It can be attached to any surface, & if you do not like the outcome, then it can be easily peeled off without damaging the attached surface.

Handi Polyurethane foam can be directly applied to the background of the aquarium or you can apply it to a false panel & set it up in the aquarium. False corals, & foam caves are a few of the stuff you can build for your aquarium via Handi foam.

Handi Polyurethane (Expandable) foam use in aquariums:

Setting up a 3D background in your fish tank is an awesome method to cover ugly stuff like filters, heaters & thermometers. 3D backgrounds can be used to give a colourful look to your fish. More than a few materials can be used to make 3D backgrounds & you can safely use Handi foam for this purpose.

Expandable foam can create an awesome environment for your fish, & they will be able to hide in the caves & structures from predator fish. In addition, fish fries can use these hiding spots for hiding from adults. If there are many hiding spots in your aquarium, then it will make your fish calm. Otherwise, your fish might get ill if they live in stress.


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Yes, Styrofoam pieces can be used for making 3D backgrounds without much trouble because Styrofoam is aquarium safe.

Aquarium owners use Styrofoam for building different structures by moulding the foam into different shapes to create fake aquarium backgrounds. It can be used for making caves & tunnels too.

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