Best Aquarium Filter for German Blue Ram / Ramirez’s Dwarf Cichlid Fish:

German Blue Ram fish can only endure in clean water. It should not be added to a newly setup fish tank, & only established & stable aquariums are suitable for German Blue Ram Cichlid. A stable aquarium has less organic waste.

The Electric Blue Ram fish likes high plantations in their natural habitat, & it is recommended to mimic such an environment inside your aquarium too. Keep lots of live plants in the fish tank as they clean water & offer lots of hiding spots for the fish that relieve their stress. Also, there should be plenty of free space for swimming. As well as keep decorations like caves, rocks etc. which will offer hiding spots for the fish.




Care Level


Aquarium Size

10 Gallons






6.0 to 7.5


80° to 83°F (26.7°to 28.3°C)


When selecting a filter for German Blue Ram Fish, I would advise you to use a hang on back filter. But make sure your filter does not offer high water movement. I think that Aquaclear Power Filter is one of the best for German Blue Ram fish.

Best Aquarium Filter for German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish
Best Aquarium Filter for German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish

AquaClear Power Filter is the Best Filter for German Blue Ram Fish:

It offers high contact time of impure water with biological media, & its running cost is low.

It can be setup in no time, & it is really easy to install this filter inside your aquarium. Manufacturers recommend that this filter should be cleaned after every two weeks for best performance.

It can provide all three types of filtrations such as mechanical, biological & chemical. Fish poop & other detritus are trapped under mechanical filter media while biological media can remove dangerous chemicals that are released from fish waste, remaining food & other decaying matter. Usually, aquarists do not keep chemical filter media because they are not required. Chemical filter media wipe out heavy metals & leftover medications from the water.

There is up to 7 times more space inside the AquaClear Power filter for storing media than other filters.

AquaClear is recommended for up to 50 gallons of fish tank.


Names of German Blue Ram Fish:

Due to selective breeding, many different colors & varieties of German Blue Ram fish are available & they are called:

  • Ramirez’s dwarf cichlid fish
  • German blue ram fish
  • Butterfly cichlid fish
  • Ramirezi fish
  • Dwarf butterfly cichlid fish
  • Asian ram fish
  • Gold ram fish
  • Long fin blue ram fish
  • Electric blue ram fish

The scientific name of German Blue Ram fish is Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. German Blue Ram fish are available in many names & colors.

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is affected by alterations in water parameters such as increase of ammonia byproducts.


German Blue Ram fish Aquarium Setup:

Make sure you keep German Blue Ram fish in at least 10-gallon tank but if you want to keep a pair, then choose a 20-gallon aquarium. German Blue Ram fish need free swimming space, & water parameters change quickly in small aquariums. There are more chances of ammonia spike in small tanks so make sure you test water regularly. It is recommended to change up to 30 percent water on a weekly basis to keep water chemistry in control.

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