Benefits of Fish Tank Dividers (Pros and Cons):

If you have different types of fish in the same aquarium & you notice aggression inside your community tank, then either you should arrange a separate aquarium for aggressive mates or setup a tank divider inside the community tank to break up the aquarium into two, & separate the peaceful fish from their aggressive friends.


Benefits of Tank Dividers:

Aquarium dividers not only let you separate multiple betta fish from each other or any other aggressive fish from peaceful species, but they can be used to separate fish fries from adult fish. If you want to breed fish, then there is no need to purchase a new tank for raising the fries, but instead you can setup a tank divider in the parent tank, & separate the fries from the parents by moving them to the other section of the divider. Also, tank dividers can let injured fish cure before removing the divider. Tank dividers not only separate fish but let water flow through the mesh. If you setup a new aquarium, then your new tank should have its own filter, heater, tank lights & other required stuff. Tank divider lets you divide the aquarium, & use the same equipment to save the cost & electricity bills.

Pros of Tank Dividers:

  • Tank dividers are a great way to save aquarists from setting up a new aquarium such as the one used for breeding fish & raising fries, or a hospital aquarium for injured fish.
  • Aquarium dividers let water flow through it so there is no need to setup a separate heater in both sections of the aquarium. Also, a single filter can do the job as water can freely flow through the tank.
  • Tank dividers can do an amazing job in separating an aggressive fish from the peaceful mates without purchasing a separate aquarium for shifting the aggressive mate.


Cons of Tank Dividers:

  • Water movement through the aquarium divider will be affected by the mesh. Filter will not be able to work efficiently.
  • Water temperature might be different on each side of the partition because of closeness to the aquarium heater.
  • Aggressive fish might still show aggressive behavior if they can see each other through the partition.

Aquarium dividers seem ugly, & they can cause lots of dead spots in your aquarium & affect the performance of your filter. If you choose to install two filters, one in each section of the divider, then it can remove the dead spots & filters will work efficiently.

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