How to move fish eggs from parent to a breeding aquarium?

Multiple factors can stop the birth of babies after fish deposit their eggs in an aquarium. Some of the fish species eat their own eggs. Or fish might not be able to save their eggs from other fish especially if the tank is too crowded. So, if you are going through the above circumstances, then it is recommended to shift the eggs to a breeding tank where they hatch & you can take care of the fries.


How to save fish eggs from bacterial or fungal infections?

Bacteria & fungus can attack the eggs. Clean water is very important to prevent eggs from fungal or bacterial infections to a higher degree. If your fish has recently deposited eggs, then use mild methylene blue treatment to prevent the eggs from bacteria or fungal infections but care must be taken when handling eggs because you can accidentally damage them.

How to move fish eggs from parent to breeding tank?
How to move fish eggs from parent to a breeding tank?

How to move fish eggs from parent to a breeding tank?

There are many species of fish that deposit their eggs on a rock or plant leaf. It is important to move the rock or cut the leaf, & shift it to a breeding aquarium. Use a sponge filter in the breeding aquarium, & do partial water changes to keep water clean. Make sure you do research about the fish, & keep temperature, pH & water hardness in the ideal range. For warm water, you will need a heater with a thermostat to keep water in ideal range. Different species of fish have different requirements for temperature, pH & water hardness so it is important to do web research before setting up a breeding aquarium.

Place a container in the breeding tank, & fill it up with water from the parent aquarium. Place the leaf or rock holding eggs inside the container.


How to mimic parents’ fish fanning eggs using an air pump?

If Angelfish or similar fish have deposited the eggs that need fanning, then you can use an open-ended air line for producing water current, & let it pass over the eggs & it will copy the effect of parents’ fanning.

If some of the eggs are covered in fungus, then quickly remove them to stop fungus from spreading. Also, keep water clean by doing partial water changes to save the eggs. When babies are born, then do web research about how to grow them.

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