Which Filter is Best for Kuhli Loach Fish Aquarium?

Kuhli Loaches are very active during the night while at day they are usually hiding. Kuhli Loaches are not beginners’ fish because they are very sensitive to medicines so do not add medications to your aquarium if you have them. Setup a hospital aquarium & treat ill fish there. Make sure you clean aquarium water using a capable filter & keep it aerated.

They might enter the filter intake & may die so it is necessary to cover the intake & outtake of the filter with a sponge filter. They are not classified as schooling fish, but they can make teams & can live peacefully with other peaceful small fishes.


Common Names of Kuhli Loach:

Kuhli Loach has other common names: Coolie Loach, Cinnamon Loch & Leopard Coach. Kuhli Loaches are shy fish who like to hide in the hiding spots.

Which Filter is the Best for Kuhli Loach Fish Tank?
Which Filter is the Best for Kuhli Loach Aquarium?

Which Filter is the Top Choice for Kuhli Loach Fish Tank?

Best filters that clean water efficiently are external filters. You can either use a canister filter or a hang on back filter for cleaning Kuhli Loach aquarium. Kuhli Loaches need very clean & oxygenated water so using an efficient filter is mandatory. Make sure you cover the filter intake & outtake with a sponge filter to save your loaches from ending up inside the filter. Kuhli Loaches have the problem of entering tight places so make sure you don’t accidentally trap them. It is good to see your loaches hiding in bottles or caves at day & when it's night, these scavengers come out & start eating the leftover food. Kuhli Loaches are best cleaners as they can eat leftover food & some algae too.

Canister filters suck water from the aquarium using an intake pipe. Canister filters are external filters & they let you customize media. They hold heaps of media due to their large size. You can arrange media based on your requirement inside the baskets of canister filters. Every aquarist setup mechanical filter media first because it traps solid particles & only allows water to flow through it. Water then flows through bio media that wipes out toxic chemicals & only let free water flow back to the aquarium via an outlet hose. The outlet of canister filters has a spray bar that allows water to flow smoothly & creates a waterfall like effect in your aquarium.

Canister filters can quickly clean aquariums. They are for bigger tanks. If you want to circulate water inside the fish tank, then keep the intake valve close to the aquarium heater, & setup inflow & outflow pipes at the opposite sides of the aquarium. It can let you circulate water, oxygenate it, & keep the same temperature in the whole aquarium.

But it must be noted that for Kuhli Loach, you should cover the intake & outtake valve with a sponge filter because Kuhli Loach have the habit of entering filter intake.

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