How to Setup Aquarium / Fish Tank Wave Maker for Water Circulation:

A wavemaker can circulate water in your aquarium so that the whole aquarium is kept at the uniform temperature & there are no dead spots. Adjust your wavemaker so that it points towards the aquarium top for circulation of water in the whole aquarium.

Powerheads can only direct water current in one direction while wavemakers can produce waves that will spread out & offer enhanced water circulation as compared to powerheads.


How to setup fish tank wave maker:

Adjust the wavemaker so that it should be pointed from the mid to the upper portion of your aquarium & avoid pointing it towards the substrate because it will blow them up with high current.

If your aquarium contains 1 wavemaker & 1 filter then angle wavemaker towards the top of the fish tank. This way it will break the surface tension, & will produce currents & aerate your fish tank.

Watch below video if you want to learn how to setup an aquarium wavemaker:

Wave Maker Aquarium Setup

Case 1. 1 Wavemaker and 1 Filter:

The best position for setting up your wavemaker is the same side of the aquarium where your aquarium filter intake is installed. If your filter is installed at the left side of the fish tank then install your wavemaker on the top left side too. Wavemaker will produce waves from left towards the top right side & it will be drawing water from the right towards the left side so it will also force debris, remaining food & other decaying matter towards the filter. Hence it will circulate water.

Position of wavemaker in fish tank
Position of a wavemaker in fish tank

Case 2: 1 Filter and 2 Wavemakers:

If you want to setup another wavemaker. Then install the second wavemaker on the bottom right side. Water is forced towards the top from left to right side. After hitting the right side, it will go down & then it will be sucked by the second wavemaker that will force water from the bottom back to the left side. It will circulate water.


Case 3. 2 Wavemakers and 2 Filters:

If your aquarium contains 2 filters, & each of them are installed on the opposite sides of the fish tank. If you want to setup 2 wavemakers then install each of them on the opposite sides. 1 wavemaker should be located at the top & another at the bottom. Make sure that each wavemaker is forcing water in the same direction as the filter installed on the same side. Your water will be circulated.


Advantages of a wavemaker in a fish tank:

  • Wave makers will offer a natural place for aquarium inhabitants.
  • Your fish will like to swim against the water waves which will keep them happy & healthy.
  • They will help corals & shells to get food. The only way of feeding them is through the movement of water.
  • They will circulate water so that the whole aquarium gets uniform temperature, & fish waste & other debris stuck in the substrate are forced to leave. Also wave makers avoid any dead spots in the aquarium. Dead spots don’t have enough oxygen so circulating water will aerate the whole tank.
  • Pointing wavemakers towards the water surface will aerate water due to surface agitation.

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