How to Setup AZOO Skim 250 Surface Skimmer in Aquarium:

AZOO Skim 250 is a small & efficient skimmer that wipes out oil film that spreads on the surface of water in freshwater or saltwater fish tanks. It works efficiently if your aquarium can hold from 10 to 250 liters of water. You can adjust the flow rate of the skimmer, & it can be used as a filter in small fish tanks. Wiping out oil films at the surface of aquarium water will enhance the exchange of oxygen with less carbon dioxide loss compared to ordinary small filters. It can offer the best environment for the growth of live plants, & fish in your fish tank.

AZOO Skim 250 can efficiently wipe out oil film that spreads on the surface of aquarium water. Aquarists can use AZOO Skim 250 for filtering small fish tanks.

How to Setup AZOO Skim 250 Surface Skimmer in Aquarium:

Setup AZOO Skim 250 at about 2 to 3 cm below water level, & press the suction cups (connected to the back of the skimmer) against the aquarium glass for fixing the Skimmer.

The power cord should be attached to the hooks at the unit side. Sucker connected to the power cord should be connected to the glass, & should be kept over 1 cm away from the buoy, so that it does not affect the operating buoy.


Advantages of AZOO Skim 250 in Aquarium:

  • It can suck oil film with ease.
  • You can adjust the volume of the outflow water based on the size of the fish tank.
  • It does not suck little fish & shrimps.
  • It is transparent so aquarists can monitor the inside sponge. They can clean or replace the sponge depending on its condition.
  • It is simple to install AZOO Skim 250, & it needs simple maintenance.
  • It can be used as a small filter for planted aquariums.
  • It can add heaps of oxygen due to surface exchange, & it reduces less carbon dioxide as compared to ordinary filters so live plants will have more oxygen. Plants consume CO2 in the presence of light for photosynthesis & give off oxygen.
  • Flow rate of AZOO Skim 250 can be adjusted to suit your aquarium & power needs.
  • AZOO Skim 250 works fine for 10 to 250 liters aquarium
  • The inlet float auto adapts to the level of water in the aquarium.

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