How to prepare / setup lava rocks for aquarium use?

Lava rocks are highly porous so you can build caves using them. Aquarium inhabitants can use these caves for hiding. Lava rocks are usually lightweight so unless your rock is too large, I think that it would not break the glass of your fish tank.

Lava rocks look pleasant because they are highly porous & look nice in the fish tank. It is mandatory to prepare lava rocks before keeping them in a fish tank. Preparing lava rocks is simple but a time-consuming process that will wipe out every impurity from the lava rocks.

How to prepare lava rocks for aquarium use?
How to prepare lava rocks for aquarium use?

How to prepare lava rocks for fish tank use?

Do not add lava rocks directly to the aquarium after purchasing them from a fish store. It is mandatory to wash them & wipe out every impurity that could be dangerous for the life of fish & live plants.

In this article I have provided steps for cleaning lava rocks.

Use a container, clean water, & a brush for wiping out every solid impurity from lava rocks.

Keep lava rocks in a container. Fill the container completely with clean water. Then scrub the lava rocks using a brush to remove every solid impurity from the lava rocks.

You will see a change in the color of water as impurity is released from the rocks. If your container water is dirty then replace it with clean water & repeat the process until water does not change its color. Rubbing 2 rocks with each other will smoothen any sharp edges that otherwise could scratch your fish.

It is time to let the lava rocks dry. Keep your lava rocks in the sun for some time till they fully dry.


How to boil lava rocks before adding them to an aquarium?

If all dirt particles are removed from the lava rocks, then it is time to wipe out every disease that could be dangerous for the life of fish & plants. Boiling them is the most efficient way to get rid of any harmful bacteria.

Make sure you do not over-boil your lava rocks as they have the risk of explosion if they are boiled at high temperature for a prolonged period of time.

Submerge your lava rocks fully in pot water. Cover the pot with a lid to be on the safe side.

Use a large pot for boiling your lava rocks & boil them for under 30 minutes. Longer boiling could crack your lava rock.

Avoid adding lava rocks quickly to the fish tank after boiling completes. Dry your lava rock with a cloth. Then let the lava rock cool down before keeping it in the aquarium.

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