How to setup lava rocks as bio media in an aquarium filter?

If you want to beautify your room look, then setting up a fish tank is a wise idea. Fish do not need high maintenance, & they make your room look attractive & lively.

For a clean fish tank, regular maintenance is required. If you can’t maintain it, then your fish tank will get dirty, & your fish will be stressed & could eventually die. It is very important to regularly clean your fish tank.

Multiple ways are available for maintenance of your fish tank, such as adding lava rocks to the aquarium filter. Fish will have clean water due to the efficient cleansing of lava rocks. It is important to clean your lava rocks before adding them to the filter. If you need help in cleaning your lava rocks, then check out this tutorial:

How to setup lava rocks in a fish tank filter:

Lava rocks are relatively cheap filter media, & they will clean your fish tank water. Lava rocks must be added to the biological filtration chamber because it is a bio media. Bio media must lie after mechanical filter media. Dirty water from the aquarium will flow through the mechanical filter media that will trap solid waste particles, & will allow water containing toxic chemicals released from fish poop & other debris, to flow into the biological chamber. Lava rocks should be added to the bio media chamber where they will remove every toxic chemical, & will allow clean water to flow back to the aquarium.

How to setup lava rocks in an aquarium filter
How to setup lava rocks in an aquarium filter?

Lava rocks hold both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria for complete cleaning of fish tank water. Nitrifying bacteria will break down ammonia into nitrites which are less dangerous than ammonia, & then into nitrates which are less dangerous than nitrites. Ordinary bio media can’t remove nitrates from the water because they only hold nitrifying bacteria.

Water will reach the inside of lava rocks from the little holes, then the internal useful bacteria will wipe out oxygen, & the inside rock will provide an oxygen free environment. Denitrifying bacteria consumes nitrates, & they grow in regions where oxygen is not present.

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