Benefits of Multiple Aquarium Filters (Pros and Cons):

If your fish tank is large, then you can keep more than one filter for efficient filtration. In some cases, keeping multiple filters is better than a single. If your aquarium has efficient filtration, then it will improve the water quality. Multiple filters will remove more toxins as compared to a single filter. Water flow will be higher when keeping multiple filters which could be good or bad for the fish. If your fish can’t withstand the high flow, then they will feel stress & also if your aquarium is small then the water flow could be too high. Some fish can’t do well if the water flow is high.


Benefits of Multiple Aquarium Filters:

If your fish tank is large then keeping multiple filters is better than one. Good bacteria is very crucial when filtering water. Good bacteria will help get rid of toxins released from fish poop, & other debris. Good bacteria mostly live inside the filters but they can be found everywhere inside the aquarium. Aquarium filters will constantly draw water & water will first flow through the mechanical filter media via an inlet that will trap solid waste particles, & will allow water containing dangerous chemicals to flow through the bio media, & clean water will flow back to the aquarium via a filter outlet.

Check out biggest benefits of having multiple filters in an aquarium:

Benefits of Multiple Aquarium Filters (Pros & Cons)
Benefits of Multiple Aquarium Filters (Pros & Cons)

Pros of Multiple Filters: Better Contact with Good Bacteria:

Multiple filters will help in biological filtration of water. If you are keeping a large filter, then it will be powerful. It will pull water with high force, which can reduce the interaction of water with the good bacteria growing inside the bio media chamber. If you are keeping multiple small filters that pull water with less force, then they can gently clean water because water will have better contact with the useful bacteria growing inside the biological media chamber.


Pros of Multiple Filters: Backup Filter:

If your large filter stops working, then it will need replacement & also you will lose good bacteria it has collected. Keeping 2 filters will ensure that you still have another filter working in the aquarium so you will only lose half of useful bacteria. Adding a new filter will take time in developing good bacteria on the media.


Pros of Multiple Filters: Good Bacteria is Not Completely Lost After Filter Maintenance:

Also, another filter will help you when cleaning the filter. At a time, it is recommended to clean only one filter so that you don’t lose lots of useful bacteria during the cleaning process. Even if you clean your filter very gently still you will lose some useful bacteria that is useful for breaking down toxins. If you have another filter, then you will have heaps of bacteria growing on its media. At a time only clean one filter, wait for 2 weeks & clean another filter.


Cons of Keeping Multiple Aquarium Filters:

Have a look at biggest cons of having multiple filters:


Cons of Multiple Filters: High Water Flow Could Affect Some Fish:

All filters will help in movement of water around the aquarium when you operate them, & some of them are more powerful than others. The water movement has another name: “water flow”. Keeping 2 filters will increase the water flow inside the aquarium which could affect your fish. In a small aquarium, your fish might not be able to withstand higher water flow & they will be stressed. Some species are very sensitive to water movement for example Bettas, small fish & fish babies. They will use higher energy to swim against the water flow. One filter with low water movement is better than keeping multiple filters for such types of fish.


Cons of Multiple Filters: Low CO2 in Planted Aquariums Due to High Disturbance at Water Surface:

Also, if you are keeping plants in the aquarium, then higher water movement could lower the amount of carbon dioxide in water. Live plants absorb CO2 & need light for photosynthesis. CO2 will stay in the aquarium water for longer periods if the water surface is not disturbed. If you have plants in the aquarium, or you want to keep plants in the future, then it is advisable to keep one filter.

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