Breed and Sell Swordtail Fish for Profit / How to Earn Money through Fish Keeping Business:

If you want to setup a breeding tank & start a fish business, then I am suggesting you choose the fish that sell quickly, & they are easy to breed & raise. One of the best fish for breeding at home is swordtail.

If you want to sell fish to fish shop owners, then ask them which fish have high demand & if they can buy fish from you? Also, don’t forget to ask them how much they are going to pay for one fish? It will help you estimate the profit you will receive before starting a fish business. Do not go for a random fish that are difficult to spawn, & they are hard to sell too. Choose the fish that is suitable for your area because this way you won’t need a heater, & your area’s water conditions would be perfect for them. You won’t have to worry about pH, water hardness, & temperature of water if fish is compatible with your region. Filter is required for keeping fish healthy so I would advise you to select a filter that has a low running cost.

If you follow every step of this article correctly, then you will be able to successfully breed & sell Swordtail fish for profit.


How to earn reputation in fish breeding business:

It is not very difficult to sell your fish because fish shops can buy them for you. Or you can sell fish online but you need to build a reputation for that so others can trust you. Do not sell ill fish & make sure your fish delivers at time, & also give a discount on your fish if someone wants to buy many so you can receive positive reviews from buyers.

Select a nice transportation service that transports fish safely & on time. It is important to make a Youtube channel & a blog for your fish business that will help you get popular on the internet plus you can earn more money through advertisements. Getting likes & nice comments on the channel will improve your channel & help you in earning reputation. Make a blog for your fish business & teach buyers the basics of keeping fish. If buyers can keep your fish healthy, then they will be happy & will give you better reviews.


How to estimate budget for raising fish fries:

If you want to keep fish that suits your region then make sure you check the growth rate of the babies, & spawning rate of your selected fish. Also check out what age would be suitable to sell your fish, & make a pre calculation of how much profit you can make before starting the business. Pre calculation should also take into account the electricity bills, which would depend on the running cost of your filter & aquarium lights. If you are keeping a heater too then it will increase your bills. Make sure you estimate the electricity bills right from the birth of babies to the suitable age when you can sell them. Also pre-calculate the food costs for both adults & babies. Keep birth & death rates into account, & then see if you can make profit through breeding & selling this fish. Many aquarists make homemade food for fish & fries, so you can reduce the cost if you prepare food yourself. Also take into account the money spent on preventing diseases. Decide on fish that are hard to live in tough conditions because this way you can raise more fries. Also, decide on fish that give birth to many fries so you can make more profit. Make an estimation of how much profit you can earn if you start with selected fish, & if you get decent profit then start with the fish or change your fish & then do another estimation of cost vs profit.

If you want to start a fish breeding & selling business then do not buy many aquariums but start with a few. Also, select the size of fish tank that is perfect for the babies when they grow up. Choosing a sponge filter is good because it can efficiently clean water & does not suck babies. Fries can scrape off the food attached to the sponge. Test your water quality before adding fish. Keeping water conditions in the ideal range will increase chances of raising fries. Make sure you check your water pH, hardness & temperature before starting a fish breeding business.


How to deliver fish:

It is crucial to consider the oxygen needed for the fish to choose the best container that you can use for transporting your fish. Decide large bags for delivering fish. Fill a bag with 1/3 of aquarium water when delivering a little fish. If your fish is about 3 inches or larger in size then half fill the bag with clean water. Talk to the shipper to know the size requirement. Do not offer food to the fish for 1 to 3 days so they do not poop in the bags. Decide boxes that have been insulated with an internal cooler foam, that can be used to keep fish warm in winters. Shipping overnight is better, & contact the buyer to get them as soon as they are delivered. Give a discount to buyers for returning your containers.

How to make money through breeding Swordtail fish
How to make money through breeding Swordtail fish

How to earn wealth through breeding & selling Swordtail fish:

If you are new to fish breeding, then swordtail fish is the top selection for you. It is easy to care for the fish, & they are hard & do not fight with the tank mates.

Swordtails are an average size fish & they can reach a maximum size of 6 inches. They like living in community tanks together with other fish. They are hard & best species for beginners. They like living in heavily planted aquariums.

Swordtails are lengthy fish that can reach a length of 6 inches. They look like platies.

Swordtails have a pointed extension that extends off the back of their tail fin & this is the reason why they are called Swordtails.

It is important to note that Swordtails can be bred with platies.


How to prepare a breeding fish tank for Swordtail fish:

Live plants & ornaments in the aquarium will offer fries a place to hide. Babies might be eaten up by the adults if you do not offer them places where they can hide.

Swordtails require an aquarium that can hold at least 15 gallons of water. It should have live plants & there should be enough space for the fish to swim. Swordtails prefer community aquariums & like to share their tanks with peaceful mates. Male Swordtails are usually territorial & they don’t like other males in their territory so do not add many males in the same tank.

Swordtail fish like omnivorous food such as flakes. They also eat algae & frozen foods such as frozen dried worms, tubifex & brine shrimp.

Swordtails have the average size of about 1 & a half inch when they reach maturity.

Swordtails are active swimmers so they need more free-swimming space in the aquarium.


Swordtails like lots of live plants in fish tank:

Adding live plants will provide shelter & hiding places for the fish. Swordtails can use these hiding spots for relieving their stress, & new born babies can hide from the adults before you can transfer them to a new aquarium. Fish & fries eat live plants so they offer free food for the tank inhabitants.


Setup a filter in Swordtail fish tank:

Setup a sponge filter in the platies fish tank because it does not suck fries. Also, you can use any other filter but cover the intake with a sponge to stop it from sucking babies. A sponge filter can keep your aquarium water clean & babies can scrape off the remaining food attached to the sponge. Filters can oxygenate water too.


Use a heater in Swordtail fish tank:

If you are living in a colder area, then make sure you add a heater in the Swordtail fish aquarium. The ideal temperature for Swordtails is between 65 to 82 °F.


What Swordtail fish eat:

Swordtails are omnivores & they like eating a variety of foods. Offer them flake or live diets. They like live foods such as worms, brine shrimps, & mosquito larvae. But they will eat anything that you provide them. They will eat herbivorous foods like vegetables, plants, & algae. A mixed diet including protein & vegetables would be better.


Water parameters for Swordtail fish:

Swordtails are strong & they can withstand a wide range of water temperature. They can survive in water temperatures ranging from 65 to 82 °F. They can survive in a variety of water temperatures, & you shouldn’t alter the water temperature, as it could be dangerous for your fish, & could weaken their immunity.

Ideal water hardness for Swordtails is from 12 – 30 dGH, & the ideal pH is from 7 – 8.4. They like to survive in moderately alkaline & hard water.


Frequent partial water changes are crucial for cleaning water:

Frequent partial water change will keep your aquarium water clean. It is recommended to change 25% of water after every 2 – 4 weeks for keeping water clean. It will remove the toxins. These toxic chemicals would otherwise spoil the water & will be dangerous for the fish & fries. Change of water will avoid alteration in water pH as well that is toxic for the inhabitants. Fresh water contains minerals that are beneficial for the fish & live plants.


How to differentiate between male & female Swordtails?

It is easy to differentiate between male & female Swordtails. Only males have an extension of the tail fin. Females have rounded tail fins.


What ratio of male & female Swordtails should you keep in an aquarium?

If you want to breed Swordtails then make sure for every 2 to 3 females, you keep 1 male. Male Swordtails will chase females when they are mating. Keeping more males than females will stress females because males will chase them excessively. Stressed fish are prone to sickness.


How to breed Swordtail fish:

Mature Swordtails will start breeding soon after adding them to the aquarium. It is easy to breed Swordtails & if you have both male & female Swordtail fish in the aquarium, then the spawning process will start on its own.

Swordtails are easy to spawn & they are recommended for beginners. If your tank contains clean water & you have both male & female Swordtails, then they will breed on their own.

Swordtails are classified as livebearers so they do not lay eggs but give birth to babies. Females can give birth to even 80 fries in one bunch. Fries should be separated from the adults because it will enhance their chances of survival. Fries will reach maturity in about 3 months, & will be ready to breed.

Livebearers spawn fast, & they do not need your interference.


Shift Swordtail babies to a new tank:

Swordtail parents eat their fries. If you want to grow many babies then shift them to a new tank. In heavily planted tanks, babies can live together with their parents. Death rates of babies are considerably low if you keep them in aquariums with lots of plants. Another way to raise babies is to keep them in a breeder box where water is warm & filtered, & they are saved from the adults. Keeping fries in a new tank will need a new heater, filter, tank lights & it will require cycling too.

Either move the mother Swordtail to another tank before it gives birth, or shift the fries to a new tank after they are born in their parents’ tank.

Fish fries should be caught using a fish net & must be shifted to another tank or breeder box if you want to raise many of them.


Food for Swordtail fries:

Swordtails like to eat almost anything that you offer. Fries love to eat liquid fry & baby brine shrimp. Offer them live food & protein. You can also offer them daphnia, & mosquito larvae.

Also, you can offer them little yolk pieces of the boiled eggs. Crush the yolk & add the little pieces to your fish tank. Fries will eat live plants too.


Sell Swordtail fish when they reach adulthood:

Swordtail fish will overcrowd your aquarium so it is a nice idea to shift them to a new tank when they reach adulthood. Swordtail will reach maturity at the age of 3 months. This is the time to decide if you want to keep them for breeding, or sell them because they start spawning at this age.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, & you have learned how to earn money through breeding & selling Swordtail fish. If you are really interested in spawning & selling fish then check out the following articles:

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