5 Top Profitable Aquarium Plants for New Fish Keepers:

New fish keepers look for plants that grow in almost any conditions & need low maintenance. Many fish keepers want to add plants to their aquarium, to offer a wild-like habitat to their fish. Live plants can offer shelter & food for adult fish & fries. New fish keepers would like to add plants to balance the ecosystem inside their aquarium. Plants offer food, oxygen & clean water to fish. Fish provide CO2, & nutrition to live plants. Many new fish keepers want to sell plants that give them high profit. If you are a new hobbyist & want to sell top profitable plants then we can help you in suggesting plants that have high demand.

It is possible to replant the fresh plants in a different tank or you can sell them to earn money. Talk to the fish shop owners & ask them to buy these plants from you or offer you a discount on your new purchase. Many aquarists start an online business & sell the new plants. But remember that cheating can spoil your credibility & offering healthy plants at a low price will build your credibility. It is very important to earn a reputation when you start a business. Every positive review will improve your credibility & negative review will spoil it.


Have a look at the 5 top profitable aquarium plants for new fish keepers:

  1. Alternanthera Reineckii
  2. Java Moss
  3. Java Fern
  4. Amazon Sword
  5. Ozelot Sword


1. Alternanthera Reineckii:

Alternanthera Reineckii is an ideal plant for new fish keepers because it requires little care. If you want to change the color of this plant to bright red then offer extra CO2, & supplemented fertilizers.

Alternanthera Reineckii grows easily in aquatic conditions. It is a stem plant & grows in almost any aquarium. Alternanthera Reineckii can grow to a size of 20 inches & even taller if you offer high intensity of light.

If you want Alternanthera Reineckii to become healthy then offer high nutrient substrate & high tank lighting. It is a stunning background plant.

If you grow Alternanthera Reineckii submerged then the stem will grow vertical & fast reach the water surface. If you grow this plant in small tanks then it will grow over the water surface & develop leaves outside.

Pruning the top part of this plant will allow lower leaves to receive light. Pruning this plant will lower the bushy look.

How to Earn Money through Alternanthera Reineckii
How to Earn Money through Alternanthera Reineckii

How to Earn Money through Alternanthera Reineckii:

Trim the top part of Alternanthera Reineckii for healthy growth, & for lowering the bushy look. Either replant the cutting or sell it. It is a stem plant so it can be reproduced through cutting. Cut the main stem into multiple pieces but make sure that every piece has at least 4 leaves. If you put the new stems on the surface of water then it will produce roots fast & then you can replant them in substrate.


2. Java Moss:

Java Moss is a stunning plant that can survive even in low lights. It can withstand a wide range of water temperatures, & can grow in almost any substrate or you can fix it to any surface.

Unlike other mosses, Java Moss will not form any actual root system, but can get nutrients primarily using its leaves. You can allow this plant to float on the surface of water or attach it to objects using its rhizoids.

Java Moss is best for aquarium foreground, but can be fixed to aquarium objects.

How to Earn Money through Java Moss
How to Earn Money through Java Moss

How to Earn Money through Java Moss:

Java Moss will grow from slow to medium in fish tanks, & it can be propagated via the division. If you wish to grow a new plant then the main plant can be split into multiple parts & replanted in a fish tank. Java Moss will grow on any object with the help of its rhizoids. Either grow the new Moss in a new aquarium or sell it.


3. Java Fern:

Java Fern is a low care aquatic plant that can grow in almost any conditions. It does not require any additional fertilizers if you are keeping it in the aquarium containing fish. Java Fern is recommended for new fish keepers.

The growth rate of this plant is very slow if you grow it completely inside water so there is no need to prune the plant. Its maximum size in aquariums is just 13.5 inches. If you offer supplemented carbon dioxide & keep this plant in high lighting, then it will grow fast.

Java Fern forms beautiful green leaves hence it gets the name: leafy plant. It has 2 parts: leaves & rhizomes. Rhizome gives Java Fern an ability to fix itself to driftwood or any structure in an aquarium.

How to Earn Money through Java Fern
How to Earn Money through Java Fern

How to Earn Money through Java Fern:

Java Fern can be simply propagated in aquariums. Trimming the rhizome will split the plant into multiple sections. Replanting the cutting, will develop roots & grow into a new plant. Attach the cutting to the driftwood or rock, & sell it.


4. Amazon Sword:

If you want to keep an overly grown aquatic plant in your fish tank then Amazon Sword is the perfect choice for you. It is very easy to care for this plant, & it can be easily grown in any substrate. Amazon Sword if planted emersed, then it will form large, round leaves over the surface of water. If it is grown completely inside water then the leaves will be narrower.

How to Earn Money through Amazon Sword
How to Earn Money through Amazon Sword

How to Earn Money through Amazon Sword:

Upon reaching a large size, Amazon Sword will form lengthy spikes that will be converted into baby plants. These little plants can be planted in fresh aquariums or you can sell them.


5. Ozelot Sword:

Ozelot Sword is a beautiful broadleaf sword with red spots on the lengthy leaves. It can be grown in water either emersed or completely inside water. Ozelot Sword requires little maintenance after planting which makes it the top selection for new fish keepers.

Ozelot Sword needs moderate to high lights.

Ozelot Sword needs to be planted about 3 to 4 inches deep in substrate, because it develops healthy roots. When you freshly plant Ozelot Sword then it may initially form yellow leaves. Prune the new leaves from the bottom of Ozelot Sword, but do not hurt the roots. If you continuously see yellow leaves then it shows that your water conditions might be poor or it might suggest the addition of more nutrition.

How to Earn Money through Ozelot Sword
How to Earn Money through Ozelot Sword

How to Earn Money through Ozelot Sword:

Ozelot Sword can be reproduced from the rhizomes or side shoots that form on the plant leaves.

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