What Glue Is Safe For Aquariums / Fish Tanks:

It is hard to attach live or decoration plants to objects or fix them in aquarium. After you fix them, you might see them floating around in the aquarium. Plants can offer a stunning appearance to your fish tank but watching them scattered around in the fish tank can make aquarists upset.

If aquarist uses string or weights to keep plants in place then it isn’t the correct way because this problem can be solved simply by using aquarium safe glues.

Common glues could be dangerous for the live plants & fish so in this article you can find all types of glues that are aquarium safe. 

If you want to know how to attach java fern to driftwood using super glue then check out the video tutorial below:

Attach java fern to driftwood

Many glues are available in the market but every aquarist is looking for the one that can be used inside fish tank. Below you can find what glue is safe for aquariums:

Epoxy: Aquastick Coralline Red:

This glue is safe for aquarium use & it can help keep plants in place. It seals quickly when used for aquarium purpose. Not every glue can help you fix stones.

It does not stick to fingers when using it & takes about 30 minutes to fix things. Wait for about 12 hours to completely fix stuff. Then it is time to place ornament or plant back in fish tank.


Seachem Reef Glue Cyanoacrylate Gel:

It has every quality that you are looking for in super glue & it takes few seconds to fix things that can be submersed in water.

Super glue sticks to fingers when using it, & it is not flexible so it sticks to stuff quickly when it is dropped on it. You can easily fix those problems with Seachem Reef Glue Cyanoacrylate Gel. Using this glue is simple & it can be used to keep live plants. It is thicker than other types of glues that you use in aquarium but still have a clear finish.

Super glue is another good option because it has a problem of drying up in the tube. This problem can be easily avoided by using Seachem Reef.


Silicone: Aqueon Silicone Clear:

One of the top glue that can be used for fixing things. Aqueon Silicone Clear is used to fix plants & it can be used to fix stuff that you can keep in aquarium. It is not visible & hence can be applied in high amounts for fixing things.

It can be used to fix aquarium leaks. Aqueon Silicone Clear can be used to fix things permanently. Most of the silicone glues that can be used for aquarium use, crack or shrink in size after applying them. Aqueon Silicone Clear does not have such problems, so things can be put back in the tank after 2 weeks wait to finish its curing time. It has a very long fixing time which is the big con of this glue. But still, it is one of the best silicone glues for aquarium use.


SILA-SEAL Clear Professional Grade:

Hobbyists are looking for glues that are safer for aquariums & can be used to fix aquarium related products. One of the best choices is using SILA-SEAL Clear Professional Grade which can help fix things well, & it is safe for fish & their food.

Silicone glue is a good choice if you want to fix things & can wait longer for the bond to fix things fully.

Silicone makes a solid rubber when you seal things. It can help in bonding stuff well because it can fill stuff well by filling the gaps b/w things you are sealing.

SILA-SEAL Clear Professional Grade offers flexibility which avoids it from slumping & making little bubbles that mess it all up.

SILA-SEAL Clear Professional Grade can make long lasting bond & can withstand high temperatures.


MarineLand Silicone Squeeze Tube:

Silicone glues can be used to fix the walls of aquarium & they are very reliable to use. This glue remain flexible even it is submerged in water. It can help fix cracks & damaged objects. Other glues can help keep plants in place, but MarineLand can be used to repair damaged ornaments.

It is a cheap glue. You can get them in multiple sizes so buy the size that fits your budget & requirement.


Is the common super glue safe for aquarium?

Super glue is not dangerous for aquarium water, plants & inhabitants. Water helps in curing glue faster.

It is safe to use super glue in aquariums because it becomes fully inert when moist or wet. When it is submersed in water, super glue makes a strong bond. Wait for the glue to cure for some time & then put that object inside aquarium. It is a very strong glue & can fix stuff very hard. It can leave small gaps in between objects & it is not a good sealant like silicone which is good for filling gaps. Super glue can be applied to just small regions.

You can attach a number of objects in fish tank using super glue such as join plants to rocks, & rocks to rocks.


How to apply glue to fix things:

Commonly we use super glue. It is not difficult to bond something with that you. It does it quickly & easily, & it is aquarium safe.


Step 1: Clean the surfaces to wipe out dirt:

First prepare the surface of things where you can apply this glue. Remove the layer of dirt or debris so that glue can bond well. If dirt is not wiped out then the super glue will bond to dirt & not to surface of object. Use a cloth for wiping out the dirt or debris from the surface. Then it is time to glue objects together.


Step 2: Apply glue to the surfaces that you want to fix:

Use glue gently in small amount. The best way to remember it is using small drop for a square inch of surface area. If more glue is applied then the bonding will be weak & time of curing will be increased too.


Step 3: Press the objects together for some time:

Then hold the things together for about 30 seconds. It is very important to press objects together for some time before glue bonds them.


Step 4: Wait till the glue fully cures:

Check out the curing time of the super glue. Allow super glue to cure for the time mentioned on the glue. This way things will bond fully.

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