How long does an aquarium activated carbon or carbon filter pad last?

Carbon is used for chemical filtration of fish tank water. It wipes out colours, bad smells, leftover medications, dirt & other pollutants from the aquarium water.

Carbon uses adsorption, which means that it attracts molecules to its surface where it will adsorb & hold the pollutants until it becomes fully saturated. When carbon is fully saturated, it’s time to replace it.

How long does carbon pad & activated carbon last?
How long does carbon filter pad & activated carbon last?

Every fish tank is different & it is difficult to know when carbon is saturated & it is not useful anymore. Therefore, it is recommended to replace used carbon with fresh carbon every month.

Carbon is available in granular or pellet form, or even infused into filter pads. Activated carbon is produced by exposing carbon to extremely high temperature in manufacturing, offering it heaps of surface area. Activated carbon is costlier however, it is highly porous & these little pores make this media more efficient. Put activated carbon in a bag in your fish tank filter.

Carbon is usually used for cleaning fish tank water by wiping out tannins, discoloration, leftover medications, toxic chemicals, dirt & other pollutants. Carbon can also wipe out chlorine & heavy metals from tap water. Carbon should be removed when sick fish are treated. It will adsorb the medicines & make it less efficient. After treatment of fish, it is time to put back carbon in the aquarium filter so that it absorbs the leftover medications.

It is recommended to replace carbon on a monthly basis, as well as clean your filter & perform partial water change. Activated carbon can be used in every fish tank & pond such as cold water, tropical & reef. Activated carbon does not affect good bacteria, & it does not cause abrupt growth of ammonia known as ammonia spike.

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