Best 10 Freshwater Angelfish for Aquarium | What are the Different Types of Freshwater Angelfish:

Freshwater angelfish are very attractive & they have tall, pointed fins & sparkling scales. They are one of the most popular freshwater fish in fish keeping hobby. They are gorgeous & easy to breed in captivity. Freshwater angelfish have a number of types & they are born after years of selective breeding of different colors of angelfish.




Angelfish Care Level


Angelfish Behavior


Angelfish Color

Gold, silver or black

Angelfish Lifespan

10 Years

Angelfish Size

6 inches

Angelfish Food

Omnivorous Diet

Angelfish Family


Angelfish Min. Aquarium Size

20 gallon

Angelfish Compatibility

Similar-size good behavior species


Silver Angelfish:

Silver angelfish is very famous in aquarium trade. Silver angelfish is the hard one & they are also known as beginners fish because they need basic care. ​This fish has vertical black stripes that can fade or darken depending on angelfish mood.

Silver angelfish can grow up to 6 inches long but in rivers they can grow up to 10 inches. They have a silver body with red eyes & they have 3 dark black stripes. One of the stripe passes through silver angelfish eye, & 2 other pass through angelfish body.


Zebra Angelfish:

Zebra Angelfish seems amazing because they have 4 to 6 stipes which differentiate them from silver angelfish, which just has 3 stripes. If you see the red eye in any angelfish type then this shows complete maturity & better health but not every type of angelfish has red eye.

Zebra angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They have 4 stripes on their body, 1 of them passes through the eye while other are present on their body.

What are Different Types of Freshwater Angelfish?
What are the Different Types of Freshwater Angelfish?

Koi Angelfish:

Koi angelfish develops colors after selective breeding which is the same as Japanese Koi. When they are young, they develop a red hue beneath the eyes that fades when they grow. The orange color of the fish changes based on how much the fish is stressed, & the orange color will look dark when they are highly stressed. Koi angelfish look like gold marble angelfish but the former don’t have the stripes.

Koi angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They have mottled black & white colors, & they have varied amounts of gold on their head, based on the chosen genes.


Black Lace Angelfish:

The black lace angelfish is a type of silver or zebra type in which additional black genes are available. They are most beautiful of all types of the specie. They were first born in 1950s due to selective breeding.

Black Lace Angelfish can grow up to 6 inches long. They look darker in color with a beautiful lace pattern seen on black lace angelfish fins.


Golden Angelfish:

Golden angelfish is born through selective breeding. In 1960s an aquarist was surprised to see a strangely colored baby in a single reproducing of black lace angels. That fish turned out to be the first gold angelfish known in fish keeping hobby. They are very popular & are available in many fish shops & you can cross breed them with other types of angelfish to get different types of colored species.

Golden angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They have a light golden body & they have a dark yellow or orange hue on their crown.


Blushing Angelfish:

In blushing angelfish, you can completely see the blushing gene. Blushing means lack of pigmentation on angelfish gill cover, which allows red color of the gills to display through. No dusky markings & no stripes can be seen on blushing angelfish. You can just see color beneath the transparent cheeks of angelfish.

Blushing angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They are available in silver or white color.


Marble Angelfish:

Marble angelfish displays the distinctive marbling color on the angelfish body, along with stripes on their fins. They have a dash of gold thrown in, which makes them very beautiful. Many types of angelfish show color marbling – which is a mottled arrangement of color that creates a unique pattern in angelfish.

Marble angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They have a different marbled body made of black, white & gold.


Golden Marble Angelfish:

Marbled angelfish display a range of color marbling & fish of the same type are a bit different from each other. They are also known as a subtype of koi angelfish.

Golden Marble Angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They have gold patches as well as unique marbled patterns on their body.


Half-Black Angelfish:​

Half Black Angelfish are selectively bred for more than 50 years. You can also see extra color traits, including marbling or blushing. This type of angelfish is difficult to breed.

Half Black Angelfish can grow 6 inches long. They look silver & the rear position of this angelfish is darker.


Altum Angelfish:

Altum angelfish is a rare type of angelfish. They are rarely available in fish shops. They are larger, deeper & flatter than other types of angelfish. Altum angelfish can’t tolerate harsh conditions & they are weak against changes in water conditions, & they need larger, deeper aquariums.

Altum angelfish can grow 7 inches in length & they are 9 inches tall. They have a silver body, with brown or black vertical stripes on their body. Their body shape stretched vertically, & they have greater height as compared to length of the fish.

I hope you have liked our collection of top 10 angelfish that can be kept in freshwater aquariums.

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