What is the difference between Fighting Betta vs Peaceful Betta?

Both fighting & peaceful bettas are available at fish shops. Fighting betta is called Betta splendens commonly known as Siamese fighting betta. Peaceful betta is called Betta imbellis, & it is not as famous as Siamese fighting betta.

Difference between Fighting Betta vs Peaceful Betta
Difference between Fighting Betta vs Peaceful Betta

How can you differentiate b/w Betta splendens vs Betta imbellis?

As the names suggest both fighting & peaceful bettas have their own personalities, different from each other. Fighting bettas are territorial, & they fight with their own selves so you cannot keep more than one betta in a single tank because they will fight with each other until death. Male fighting bettas show more aggression & they are highly territorial than female fighting bettas. Hobbyists usually separate fighting bettas from their own kind when keeping them in a single aquarium using an aquarium divider.

Peaceful bettas like to live with other fish in community aquariums. They are not aggressive towards their own kind. Therefore, you can keep a group of peaceful bettas together with their own kinds & others in a community aquarium.

Peaceful bettas might confuse you as they also show aggression if defending a bubble nest. However, they are milder & their tails are shorter, so fish do not like to bite their smaller tails. Fighting bettas have long tails that entice fish to bite them; hence, they make fighting betta aggressive towards them.

Betta Imbellis or peaceful betta can be kept in community aquariums with other fish as well as with their own kinds. Hence, aquarists who love to keep multiple bettas will be satisfied without purchasing multiple aquariums for housing bettas.

Peaceful & fighting bettas are a little different from one another, but the difference is not very obvious as fighting bettas are born through different breeding that mostly have different tail shapes & colours.

Fighting bettas have a variety of colours as well as tail shapes & lengths. If you want to differentiate between a fighting & peaceful betta, then look at the tail of peaceful betta as it is outlined in a red crescent. Hence they are also known as Crescent Betta.

Peaceful bettas are comparatively less popular than fighting bettas, but they live peacefully in groups with other fish.

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