Difference between Biological VS Mechanical Filtration Media:

To keep your aquarium or pond clean, you will need a filter. You might be wondering what filtration media will keep your water crystal clear. It is important to know what type of filtration media is used inside a filter. A filter usually has mechanical and biological filter media. Chemical filtration is also used but it is optional, and most of the hobbyists do not use them. The difference between mechanical and biological filter media is simple; the former traps the solid debris while the latter removes toxic chemicals from the water. You will need both filtration media to keep your water clean & balance your tank.

Differences between Mechanical VS Biological Filter Media
Difference between Mechanical VS Biological Filter Media

Comparison between Biological VS Mechanical Filter Media:

Bio filter is used for removing ammonia byproducts released from fish poop, uneaten food, and other debris. Biological filtration breaks down ammonia into nitrites, and nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates are not as dangerous as nitrites and ammonia. Some bio media can wipe out nitrates too, and clean the water 100%. Biological filtration is the most effective of all filtration types as lack of biological filtration is the reason behind the death of the majority of the fish in aquariums or ponds. For developing good bacteria over the bio media, it is recommended to cycle your aquarium first. Cycling can take a few weeks before beneficial bacteria is developed over the bio media. These bacteria actually react with the toxic chemicals and wipe them out.

Mechanical filter media is responsible for collecting solid detritus using a sponge or foam. Fine foam is required for trapping very tiny debris particles while coarse foam traps large debris. The order of mechanical filtration is coarse followed by medium and fine foam. If fine foam can trap all the debris (large and small) then why do we need medium and coarse foam? The answer is simple, if large particles are stuck in the fine foam, which have very tiny pores, then they will clog the media very quickly. Therefore, large particles will be trapped first by coarse foam, then medium particles will be collected by medium foam, & very tiny particles that can pass through the coarse & medium foam will be trapped by fine foam. Mechanical filter media traps all the dead leaves & solid particles that would otherwise leach out dangerous chemicals.

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