What is the difference between Aerobic VS Anaerobic Beneficial Bacteria in Aquarium?

Aerobic bacteria is nitrifying that breaks down ammonia released from fish waste into less toxic form Nitrites. Nitrites are further broken down into Nitrates. Nitrates are not as toxic as Nitrites as fish can live with it. However, higher levels of Nitrates is dangerous for fish. The Nitrogen cycle cannot remove Nitrates from the water. Aerobic bacteria live in places with abundance of oxygen. They spread on the bio media where there is high flow of water containing oxygen.

Difference b/w Aerobic VS Anaerobic Beneficial Bacteria
Difference b/w Aerobic VS Anaerobic Beneficial Bacteria

Another bacteria that lives in oxygen free places is Anaerobic bacteria. It survives inside the tiny little pores of the bio media. Anaerobic bacteria can wipe out Nitrates from the water by converting it into Nitrogen gas that evaporates.

The major difference between Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria is that the former lives in places where there is constant air while the latter can only survive in places with little to zero oxygen. Aerobic bacteria can remove Ammonia & Nitrites from the water while leaving Nitrates. Anaerobic bacteria can remove Nitrates from the water & fully cleans the water. Both Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria are important for aquariums. However, not every bio media provides room for Anaerobic bacteria as they live inside the tiny little pores of the media. Bio balls only hold Aerobic bacteria while Seachem Matrix & Ceramic rings house both Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria.

When water enters the filter, it flows through the mechanical & bio media. Mechanical filter media traps solid particles from the water while soluble impurities flow through the bio media. Nitrogen cycle takes place inside the filter, where impurities are removed from the water, & clean water is sent back to the aquarium.

The classification of aerobic or aerobic bacteria is based on whether it uses oxygen or not. Aerobic bacteria consumes oxygen when breaking down ammonia into nitrates while anaerobic bacteria does not need oxygen, & lives in oxygen less places.

Aerobic bacteria live everywhere in the aquarium such as substrate, decorations & tank glass. The sticky fluid on the aquarium stuff is actually the aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria is crucial for every aquarium as it is required for nitrogen cycle. Anaerobic bacteria are not as crucial because Nitrates are not as dangerous as ammonia & nitrites. Nitrates can also be removed with partial water changes on a regular basis. Every bio media houses aerobic bacteria, which are required for the Nitrogen cycle while some are used to store anaerobic bacteria required for denitrification.

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