What live aquatic plants can grow in brackish water?

Aquarium plants do not prefer brackish water, & our tests lead to low success rate. Many strong aquatic plants fail to grow in brackish water. Our tests lead to a greater failure rate. We have tested Java Moss & Anubias but they completely died. After planting Hornwort in brackish water, we found that it shed its every needle in the water & caused a huge mess. We were successful with planting just two aquatic plants: Java Fern, & Mangrove trees. It is recommended to slowly acclimate Java Fern from freshwater to brackish water in a period of two to three months. Java Fern did not die in brackish water but it grows extremely slowly in the brackish water.

We are planning to test more aquatic plants in the water like Vallisneria.

What aquarium plants can grow in brackish water?
What aquarium plants can grow in brackish water?

What are the benefits of aquatic plants in fish tanks?

Aquatic plants provide a natural environment for fish in aquariums. Fish feel like they are living in their natural habitat when aquarium plants are introduced in the fish tank. Fish love hiding in the plants & plants provide shelter for fish. Fish lay eggs on the plant leaves, & use them as a shelter. When bully fish stress fish & fries, then they try to hide. If they do not find many hiding spots, & they are stressed for longer periods, then they will be prone to many diseases. Fish consider fries as food because they are very tiny, and fish try to eat them. Fries hide in the decorations and plants when they sense danger. For full safety, it is recommended to keep fries in a separate tank.

Live plants are better than fake plants because they do not contaminate water & offer food to fish & fries. Live plants absorb ammonia byproducts, released from fish poop, leftover food, & other detritus so they filter water. They absorb CO2 released by fish & produce oxygen for the consumption of fish, hence they aerate water. If your tank has many plants, then you can skip a filter therefore, they will save your money.

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