Pros and Cons of Aquarium Biological Filters:

Biological filtration is the most important of all types of filtration. Lack of biological filtration is the reason behind the death of majority of aquatic life. Many aquarists know the importance of bio filters or bio media but they might not know the shortcomings of biological filtration. In this article, I have explained the pros and cons of biological filters.

Pros and Cons of Aquarium Biological Filters
Pros and Cons of Aquarium Biological Filters

Pros of Biological Filters:

Bio filters are very efficient at wiping out dangerous waste & chemical impurities from the aquarium. They make a place where colonies of good bacteria grow that are responsible for breaking down toxic waste & other impurities. It is effective in cleaning & clearing water, & makes a healthier place for aquarium inhabitants.

When you setup your filter, it will completely break down waste without human involvement. It is an effective choice for aquarists who choose to setup a low maintenance filter.

Bio filters are long lasting. They offer efficient filtration without requiring replacement, if maintained carefully.

Bio filters make natural & clean surroundings for the establishment of good bacteria. They help colonize beneficial bacteria over the bio media for creating a balance in your aquarium.


Cons of Bio Filters:

Bio media takes long time to grow beneficial bacteria, & begin working compared to mechanical media. Because they need good bacteria, which sometime takes several weeks to establish.

Bio media need regular maintenance to work efficiently. It requires cleaning the bio media regularly to wipe out dirt & other build up that prevent filtration.

Bio filters are usually developed for specific types of tank surroundings. It means that they may not be the best for every type of pond or aquarium environment. If you have unique needs, a bio filter may not be the best solution.

As bio filters depend on the expansion of good bacteria, they may not have much control over the specific types of beneficial bacteria available in the filter. This is important for those owning pond who are attempting to maintain a balance in their pond ecosystem.

Bio media clogs quickly than mechanical media. Because they rely on the media bed for the establishment of good bacteria, & the media can be clogged with dirt over time.

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