Do Kribensis Cichlids need aquarium filter, heater & lights?

A freshwater fish, which is not as popular as other stunning fish in the aquarium hobby. Kribensis are peaceful, stunning & need less care. Their unique colour pattern & activeness will catch your attention. They do not require a large aquarium for being healthy. However, small aquariums could keep them in stress & make them sad.

A tank that contains 20 to 30 gallons of water is recommended for Kribensis. Some of the aquarists have kept this fish even in only 10-gallon aquariums, but bigger aquariums are better.

In a bigger aquarium, a pair can be kept together or a small community can be created. The additional space will also save fish from territorial behaviour.

Do Kribensis Cichlids need filter, heater & lights?
Do Kribensis Cichlids need filter, heater & lights?

Do Kribensis Cichlids need an aquarium filter?

Kribensis Cichlids prefer strong filtration as they are very sensitive to toxic chemicals that leach out from fish waste & other solid impurities. A strong filtration will efficiently prevent fish from these toxins.


Do Kribensis Cichlids like water currents and strong lighting?

Kribensis are not that crazy about water currents or strong lights. Keeping the water flow relatively gentle & setting up the lighting to a moderate level is appreciated. Keep many hiding places so that Kribensis can control their exposure to light on their own. Adding a few caves in the aquarium will give them many hiding places. You can use fake caves or create them from natural decoration. Do not add stuff that has sharp edges because they might hurt your fish.


Do Kribensis Cichlids need an aquarium heater?

The ideal water temperature is between 75°F and 79°F. If your aquarium water temperature is cooler, then it is recommended to add a heater. If you provide a stable temperature then your fish will respond positively. High temperature changes should be prohibited in Kribensis aquarium however, they can tolerate little fluctuations.

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