How to Cross Breed Koi and Goldfish, and Setup Fry Tank?

Many people think that Goldfish & Koi are the same fish, as they look similar. However, they are different in appearance such as Koi can reach a length from 36 to 52 inches, while Goldfish can reach a length from 12 to 18 inches. Koi has 2 sets of barbels on their faces. They are used for discovering food, especially in low-visibility areas.

How to Cross Breed Koi and Goldfish?
How to Cross Breed Koi and Goldfish?

Both Koi & Goldfish are produced from breeding carp, & they both can cross breed with one another. The new-born babies are known as hybrids that are neither Koi or Goldfish. Both Goldfish & Koi are stunning & they are available in multiple colours. They can interbreed with one another to produce hybrids. Some of the hybrids are born brown or grey, & they may change their colour to orange as they grow older.

Koi & Goldfish are different in appearance. Koi have ‘barbels’ while Goldfish do not have them.

The best way to breed Koi & Goldfish is to remove the eggs from the parent tank unless they are eaten.

The breeding season usually happens during the summer.


How to setup a breeding tank for Koi & Goldfish:

  • It is recommended to setup a separate tank before eggs are laid.
  • Add a filter to your newly setup tank for wiping out ammonia byproducts.
  • Cover your tank to save eggs from birds.
  • Fill your tank with water & leave it for a few weeks until algae grows.
  • Put live daphnia in the tank. Daphnia are water fleas. They will grow lots of food for the newly born fries.
  • It is mandatory to feed daphnia every four days.
  • Sprinkle active dry yeast over the water to offer food to the daphnia.
  • Daphnia reproduces very quickly so there is no need to add more live daphnia.


How to identify if Koi & Goldfish have laid eggs?

  • Either add a spawning mop or egg media in the parent tank for catching the eggs.
  • When eggs are laid, you will receive a signal in the form of a foam-like film that covers the water, & a strong fishy smell may be there.
  • If you discover these signs, then check the parent tank for eggs.


Shift newly laid eggs to the fry tank:

  • Gently shift eggs to the newly setup fry tank.
  • The hatching period of the eggs is around 5 to 7 days.


How to raise the newly born fries of Goldfish & Koi?

  • Save your fries from birds by covering the tank.
  • Check water parameters. It is recommended to have a look at ammonia, nitrites & nitrates levels.
  • Offer small pellets to the fries once every day.
  • Keep the babies in the fry tank for at least one month until they reach 3 inches in length, and then migrate them back to the parent tank. However, some of the experts recommend not mixing juveniles & adults for a year.

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