Breed and Sell Fancy Guppy Fish for Profit / How to Earn Money through Spawning Poecilia Reticulata:

Guppy can survive in harsh conditions, & they can adapt to your environment which makes them beginner’s fish. It is simple to spawn & grow guppies.

Other names of guppies are rainbowfish & millionfish, because they are available in various varieties, & they spawn fast & produce many fries.

Breed and Sell Guppy Fish for Profit
Breed and Sell Guppy Fish for Profit

Fancy Guppy Appearance:

Guppies are one of the smallest fish in the aquarium hobby. Male guppies have brighter colors than the females, & they can reach a size of around one & a half inch. Females are duller than males & are longer in length.


Difference between Male & Female Fancy Guppy:

The difference between males & female fancy guppies is that the males have gonapodium which is developed when the anal fin rolls into a tube.

Females do not have gonapodium but a regular anal fin which is located on the underside of female guppy.


Fancy Guppy Diet:

Feed your fancy guppies a vegetable-based flake or pellet diet.

For best health, offer your fancy guppies as much diet as they can eat in only one to 3 minutes, twice a day.


Fancy Guppy Breeding Aquarium Setup:

Setup two aquariums if you want to breed fancy guppies. One aquarium is required for housing adult male & female. Another one is required when a female guppy gets pregnant & you shift her to a separate aquarium. When fries are born, then you can take the mother back to the original tank & raise fries in the new aquarium.


Water Conditions for Fancy Guppy Aquarium:

  • The ideal pH range for fancy guppies is from 6.8 to 7.8.
  • The ideal water temperature for fancy guppies is from 24 to 28 °C.


Artificial Light for Fancy Guppy Tank:

Keep an artificial light above the aquarium, & make sure the light stays on for 12 hours / day.


Hiding Spots in Fancy Guppy Tank:

Use live plants or decorations to offer hiding spots for the fancy guppies. Your fish will hide when they are afraid or harassed.


Substrate for Fancy Guppy Tank:

Keep your fancy guppy tank bare bottom for easy cleaning.


Fancy Guppy Breeding Tank Size:

Keep your fancy guppy fries in a separate aquarium. Adult female fancy guppies can produce from 30 to 50 babies in one batch. Make sure you choose a tank that has enough space for the fries to swim. A 10 to 20 gallons tank is enough for the babies.

Fancy Guppy Breeding: Male to Female Ratio:

Keep fancy guppies in a male to female ratio of 1:2.


Pregnant Female Fancy Guppy:

After a female fancy guppy gets pregnant, then separates her from others. When she gives birth to fries then shift her back to the adult aquarium.

Fancy guppy is a livebearer which means that they produce babies directly without laying eggs.


Fancy Guppy Fry Care:

Fries are able to eat after they are released from their mother's belly. They do not need the help of parents. If you keep parents in the same tank with fries then adults might eat their own babies.


Hiding Spots in Fancy Guppy Fry Tank:

Make sure you have enough hiding spots in the aquarium before the mother gives birth to babies. Hiding spots will help fries hide from their mother before you spot the babies & remove the mother.


Fancy Guppy Fry Food:

Offer fries, newly hatched brine shrimp as first food. It is important to offer food to the babies at least twice a day. After the starting 2 days, it is time to balance fries’ diet with finely grounded flake food. When fries reach an age of 6 weeks, then offer them a variety of other foods.


Water Temperature for Fancy Guppy Fry Aquarium:

The temperature of the guppy fries’ aquarium should be kept close to 26 °C. Keep the temperature of the spawning aquarium b/w 26 to 27 °C because it will help the mother.


How to Sell Fancy Guppy for Profit:

Fancy guppies are one of the most popular species in fish keeping hobby. Almost every fish store has a variety of guppies. Talk to the local fish store owner, & ask him if he can buy fancy guppies from you. If he is interested in your offer, then it will help you sell your future stock too. If not, then don’t worry as many fish breeders are selling fish online.

There are many online pet stores that let hobbyists sell their pets. All they need is an ad of your fancy guppy with information such as age, gender, length etc., as well as fancy guppy picture, & your contact information. After your ad is published then somebody might contact you.

Alternatively, you can make a blog & use it for selling your fish. It is easy to sell your fish to someone who lives close to your residence. You can handover your fish to them.  If the buyer is living away from you, then you can transport fish to them. Do not sell ill or dead fish because it will affect your business reputation.

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