Does Clown Loach need an aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights?

Clown Loach is a lovely addition to the freshwater aquarium. They have orange & Black striped bodies, with red fins. They are very active aquarium fish.

Does Clown Loach need an aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights?
Does Clown Loach need an aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights?

Do Clown Loaches need an aquarium heater?

Clown Loach lives in tropical waters in the wild, so they need a heater for keeping water warm. Clown Loach can survive at temperatures as low as 24 °C but ideally, they prefer temperature in between 26° to 29°C. If the fish is kept at lower temperatures, then they will get stressed & prone to pathogens such as ich.


Do Clown Loaches need aquarium lights?

Subdued lighting conditions are recommended because Clown Loaches are very active in dark environment. Submerged aquatic plants are recommended & tough plants such as Amazon Sword are best for this fish.

Aquatic plants aerate water, & provide hiding spots for fish. They provide shade to Clown Loaches. They are also used for filtering water.


Do Clown Loaches need an aquarium filter?

Fish constantly release poop that sinks to the bed of the aquarium where it breaks down & releases ammonia. Ammonia is extremely dangerous for the life of fish & other inhabitants.

If the aquarium water is not cleaned then fish will release more & more poop that will fully poison water & kill all aquarium inhabitants.

Tank filters provide a clean environment & save the life of fish by breaking down ammonia into much lower toxic compound, nitrate. Fish can survive with nitrates but still your tank requires partial water change on a weekly basis to remove nitrates from the water.

Clown Loaches are highly active fish & they eat a lot. Therefore, they produce heaps of poop so a filter with heaps of bio media is required to clean all the waste.


Do Clown Loaches need an air pump & air stone?

Another advantage of a filter is that it aerates water by causing surface agitation that dispose of CO2 from the surface & add oxygen. Filter circulates water therefore; it distributes oxygen in the water so every region has enough oxygen. Aquatic plants consume CO2 & produce oxygen, but they can’t circulate oxygen so in large aquariums, some regions may not have enough oxygen for the fish. A bubbler is not required if you have a filter. However, you can setup a sponge filter that performs dual functions: produce bubbles & clean water.

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