What is the Best Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish?

Betta fish are usually kept in bowls & vase so many hobbyists think that they do not need a filter. However, a filter is still required in Betta’s tank as impure water can make your fish sick. A stressed Betta is not only prone to diseases but bad conditions can affect the lifespan of your Betta.

Siamese Fighting fish requires an aquarium filter because it is recommended to keep water clean. If you do not add a filter to your aquarium, then fish waste, uneaten food & other solid particles will decay & release toxic chemicals. A filter has a biological media chamber that contains bio media where colonization of useful bacteria develops after the nitrogen cycle. Useful bacteria breaks down ammonia into less toxic form nitrites & further into nitrates. Fish can live with nitrates in the water but higher levels of nitrates are still toxic to fish. Some of the bio media like ceramic noodles also remove nitrates. The main function of every filter is to trap the solid particles, & remove dissolved chemicals; therefore, only clean water flows back to the aquarium.

What is the Best Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish?
What is the Best Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish?

Which filter is the best for Betta / Siamese Fighting fish?

My recommendation is to add AquarClear CycleGuard Power filter because it provides all three types of filtration as well as other features such as:

  1. Includes bio media that hold useful bacteria for keeping Betta happy & healthy
  2. Filtration system will keep water crystal clear & tank inhabitants happy.
  3. A waterfall design will aerate water.
  4. This filter includes a foam, activated carbon & BioMax filter inserts. Chemical filtration media is optional & could be dangerous in some cases so you can safely remove it from the filter.
  5. Multi-stage of filtration will assist in keeping aquarium clean
  6. A patented filtration system is used for adjusting the filter outflow rate

Pros of AquarClear CycleGuard Power filter:

AquarClear CycleGuard Power filter offers all types of filtration including mechanical, biological & chemical for pristine water. However, you can skip chemical filtration, as it is optional. After the nitrogen cycle completes, filter inserts will assist in holding useful bacteria, collecting debris & wipe out all pollutants from the water to keep your Siamese Fighting fish healthy. It also offers a patented filtration system for adjusting the filter outflow rate so that it is suitable for fish that do not like turbulence in the water. A filter will lower the maintenance of Betta fish tank due to its multi-stages of cleaning. After every 2 weeks, filter requires cleaning because filter media is clogged with solid impurities that reduces its efficiency. After servicing your filter, it will work again like a charm.

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