Are Neon and Cardinal Tetras beginners fish?

Neon & Cardinal Tetras look small but a school of these beautiful fish will be amazing as they swim with each other. They have bright streaks of blue & red that offer variation of colours & makes them a good starter community fish. Neon & Cardinal Tetras are little so they make low poop & do not foul water.

Neon Tetras grow up to 1 & a half-inch in length while Cardinal Tetras are slightly smaller than Neon Tetras. They like swimming together in schools, so it is recommended to keep at least six fish.

Are Neon & Cardinal Tetras beginners fish?
Are Neon & Cardinal Tetras beginners fish?

Neon & Cardinal Tetras simply breed in aquariums so they do not need special requirements for breeding. Keep many aquatic plants in the aquarium because fries need them for hiding from adult fish that increases their survival chances.

Tetras need at least 10 gallons of fish tank. However, you can keep them in bigger aquariums as larger tanks need less maintenance & your Tetras will be happy, as there will be more swimming space. Tetras swim gracefully in schools so offering them enough swimming space will keep them happy. If you keep 6 or more Tetras together, then your Tetras will feel low stress & offer their beautiful colours in a decorated fish tank. Dark substrate & decoration will bring out the bright colours in your Tetras. Make sure you cover your fish tank with a lid as Tetras can jump outside of water when they are afraid. They like to have mild but steady turbulence in water.

Neon & Cardinal Tetras are hardy fish & can survive in harsh conditions. They are cheap & beginners usually start with inexpensive fish. Neon & Cardinal Tetras are one of the best choices for beginners, as they need small tanks, & low care. Experts give advice to new fish keepers to start the fish hobby with a school of Tetras. Tetras are great community fish because of their peaceful nature & small size. They live happily with many different species of peaceful fish in community tanks.

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